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Post Office Money is a division of the Post Office brand that aims to help people with insurance, travel money, banking, credit cards, savings and mortgages. It’s one example of how the Post Office is branching out from its core services and aiming to help people with financial matters. Their mortgages have garnered praise in recent months for offering new solutions to the problems homeowners and aspiring homeowners often experience.

They claim to be able to help first-time buyers and existing homeowners with all of their needs each step of the way. Post Office Money Mortgages are provided by Bank of Ireland UK, and the normal warnings apply, such as homes being potentially repossessed if payments are not kept up with. You can find out more about the various types of mortgages on offer to customers of the Post Office Below.

Products & Features

The two most interesting mortgage products offered specifically to first-time buyers are Post Office Family Link mortgages and First Start mortgages. First Start is unique because it allows people with a deposit to buy, even if they’re constrained in terms of how much they can borrow to complete their purchase. It works by a family member acting as a sponsor; it’s essentially a co-borrower guarantor mortgage, meaning both you and the sponsor are liable for the repayments.

Family Link mortgages work in a different way and are aimed at allowing a family member to fund your deposit by using the value of their own home. It’s perfect for people who don’t have the cash sum needed to make that first home purchase, but the family member using their home as security need to have full ownership of their property without a mortgage in order to be accepted.

There’s a whole range of remortgaging options for homeowners wanting to find a better deal. And then there’s the Post Office Retirement Link mortgage, which is designed to free up funds from the home you exist so that you can spend that money to live how you want. This is obviously designed for people in retirement who want to make the most of life but don’t have the cash to do so. They will lend to pensioners up to 90 years of age and you make payments monthly after the cash has been released to you. There is either a capital repayment plan or an interest only option.


Post Office mortgages might be right for you if you’re looking for options that go beyond the normal ones offered by most lenders. In particular, the Family Link mortgage stands out because there aren’t many mortgages out there that allow you to buy your home with no deposit at all.

In general, Post Office has done well to compete in the mortgage lending market by offering customers fresh thinking and mortgages designed to meet the needs of borrowers. The Retirement Link option makes it possible for homeowners to make more of their retirement years and is another example of how the Post Office is doing more for customers.