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About Nottingham Building Society Mortgages

Nottingham Building Society helps local people save their money and have the means to build a better class of home. Nottingham Building Society provides savings accounts, mortgages, insurance, and financial planning services for its customers.

Nottingham BS mortgages are suitable for first time buyers, existing homeowners wishing to move house or switch to a better deal, and landlords. The Nottingham Building Society provides a selection of fixed rate, variable rate and tracker mortgages for first time buyers. First time buyer mortgages offer a low deposit and many are fee free to help keep costs down. Customers wishing to move home or remortgage on a new deal can select from a range of fixed rate, variable rate and tracker deals.

Landlords have access to Nottingham BS mortgages in the buy to let category. Not all of the buy to let mortgages offered by the Nottingham Building Society are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Existing Nottingham Building Society customers can apply to borrow more money. Funds can be used to finance home improvements such as a new kitchen or bathroom.

Nottingham Building Society offers a selection of mortgages, such as:

  • Fixed Rate mortgages – Our fixed rate mortgages are an ideal way to budget your money as the interest you pay is fixed for a set time from the start of your mortgage (no matter how much interest rates change). Perfect for buying, moving or remortgaging.
  • Base rate tracker mortgages - A tracker mortgage gives you the chance to benefit from any changes in interest rates as it follows the independent Bank of England base rate. You'll pay a set amount above or below our tracker mortgage rate for a set time from the start of your mortgage and you'll never pay more than this set amount during your tracker mortgage period.
  • Buy to let mortgages – choose from fixed rate buy to let mortgage options to help you budget with confidence, or choose tracker buy to let mortgage options in order to benefit from future changes in the Bank of England base rate.
  • First time buyer mortgages - designed especially for first-time buyers, offering high loan to value (LTV) mortgage deals

The Core Features of Nottingham Building Society Mortgages

Whether you’re looking to move house, remortgage or buying to let a property, Nottingham Building Society could have a mortgage that suits your requirements. Some of core features include:

  • Access to best rates
  • Low deposit mortgages
  • Flexible early repayment plans

How does it work?

Customers can apply for a mortgage with the Nottingham Building Society by calling into one the Nottingham BS branches, or speaking to a mortgage advisor over the telephone. The experts revert back on your application within 2 hours. Payments into a mortgage account are normally made via a monthly Direct Debit, but customers can also make payments at any branch of the society, or via internet and telephone banking.

The Final Advice

Nottingham Mortgages can provide you with a first-class service if you are looking for a fixed rate mortgage being a first home buyer as the fixed rates are competitive.