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About Nationwide Credit Cards

When it comes to managing your credit cards in one place, the Nationwide Credit Cards serves as the best option. Nationwide offers both cards for purchases and balance transfer credit cards. The cards are available to the customers having Nationwide current account or savings or mortgages. Many of the Nationwide credit cards are especially useful for global use as they let the users have commission free purchases abroad. Users are also able to get a cashback at many stores while shopping online or at physical stores. The Nationwide credit card may not be associated with your favorite sports team or charity, or offer cashback rewards, but it does have one main advantage, especially if you don’t pay off your statement each month – a low interest rate.

Nationwide credit cards charge a representative interest rate of 15.8% APR. That can be favorably compared to the 16.9% rates being charged by majorly of the other credit card companies. The services and features accompanied with Nationwide credit cards include balance transfers, cash rewards, and usage of cards abroad. You can manage your credit cards whenever required in terms of contact details updating, changing credit limits etc.

The minimum limit is £500 but the upper limit is decided by Nationwide and depends on the applicant’s personal circumstances and previous credit history. There is no annual fee for the Nationwide Select Credit Card, but there is a fee of 2.4% on balance transfers (after the first three months) and 2.5% for cash withdrawals. Many customers having poor credit history have been found to have their application approved by the company.

The Core Features of Nationwide Credit Cards

  • Representative APR of 15.8%
  • Fee-free spending abroad
  • Fee-free 0% balance transfers
  • 0% on purchases for 12 months
  • Low fee balance transfer credit cards
  • Credit cards for bad credit
  • Credit Builder credit cards
  • Borrowing ranges from £1000 to £25000
  • Fast application processing
  • Unlimited cashback of 0.5%
  • No annual fee
  • Manage the credit card online
  • No fee for going over the limit
  • Prompt customer service

How does it work?

Nationwide Credit Card has attained a decent OPTIOSCORE, mainly in terms of its straightforwardness and consumer sentiment.

Customers can apply on Nationwide’s website by filling a simple form. Usually, the company approves the loan application within an hour, on average, while the average turnaround time for the entire process is 2-4 business days.

There is also no fee for balance transfers for the first three months of the account being opened, after that it increases to 2.4%. This is still lower than the industry average which is about 3%. Customers of the Nationwide Select Credit Card can also benefit from 0.5% cashback on anything they spend in the UK and there is no limit to how much they can earn in any given period.

The Final advice

Nationwide Credit cards are particularly competitive when it comes to 0% on purchases, a low APR relative to the market, and – most significantly – use when abroad. Customers of the Nationwide Credit Card will benefit from paying 0% on balance transfers for a year if completed within the first three months, as well as 0% on purchases for a year after the account was opened. With the Nationwide Select Credit Card you can also make fee-free purchases abroad with no maximum limit.