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About National Counties Building Society Mortgages

From 1 December 2016, all new National Counties mortgages are only available under Family Building Society brand. The Family Building Society is a new addition to the long established National Counties Building Society. The society offers many different products for families, including a selection of savings accounts, insurance products and Family BS mortgages. The society can also offer advice on later life financial planning.

The Society’s main product is a mortgage where parents and grandparents can use their financial resources to reduce a first-time buyer’s monthly mortgage repayments. The society gives family members three ways of doing this. They can gift some money, deposit savings in a Family Building Society savings account as equity for the loan and earn interest, or deposit money in a savings account and use this to offset the mortgage.

The society also offers a low-start Family BS mortgage for customers who are starting again after a relationship breakdown. The mortgage is interest only for the first couple of years, which keeps repayments low to allow the homeowner get back on their feet.

The family mortgage is available to people with deposits as low as 5pc of a property's value, and allows parents to unlock cheaper borrowing costs for their children by offering part of the equity of their home or a cash deposit that will earn interest to part-guarantee a new mortgage. Parents and grandparents can also use their savings to offset mortgage interest.

With a National Counties Building Society’s family first Guarantor mortgage, a relative will be required to act as guarantor and provide security, the lender will then have a charge over the guarantor's home. With the National Counties Building Society mortgage the guarantor will be liable for any mortgage repayments that are defaulted on and this liability would be secured on their main residence. This provides the lender with the right to ensure the mortgage is paid with the guarantor's collateral.

The Core Features of National Counties Building Society Mortgages

  • Low deposit mortgages
  • Lower rates and repayments
  • Flexible investment terms
  • Fast and straightforward application process
  • Guarantor Loan available

The building society also offers mortgages aimed at households faced with life-changing events such as a divorce or starting a family. Borrowers can take advantage of stepped monthly payments, including interest-only payments for the first year of the loan.

How does it work?

Customers wishing to access its products and services will need to contact the society via telephone or through their website. The application process is fast and you can use financial calculators available on the website to choose the best deals.

The Final Advice

A National Counties Building Society mortgage may be the solution if you are having difficulties saving a deposit for your new home. They offer a Family First Guarantor mortgage, which works by a close relative acting as guarantor for some of your borrowing on your mortgage. As many first time buyers are struggling to raise the required deposit for a property, this is where a family can help, you can then go on to manage the mortgage repayment side adequately.