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About N&P Building Society Mortgages

Norwich & Peterborough Building Society has been part of the Yorkshire Building Society Group since 2011 and serving members' needs and making their money work hard for them. Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, N&P and N&P Commercial Mortgages are trading names of Yorkshire Building Society.

The N&P Building Society is one of the leading mortgage providers that has more than 350,000 savers and 52,000 mortgage customers. The society is no longer offering N&P residential mortgages to new customers.

If you currently have an N&P mortgage you can still:

  • Move your mortgage product if you move home
  • Take out additional lending on your current mortgage
  • Change your mortgage deal or interest rate

The Society offers several different mortgage options for homebuyers. For customers hoping to secure a fixed rate mortgage, which secures a set interest rate for the specified length of the mortgage, the Society currently has different mortgages available, some of which are specific to first time buyers, movers or remortgaging. The fixed rate mortgages range from two year rates to three, five and ten year mortgages.

The Society also has Offset mortgages, which gives customers the opportunity to use their savings to decrease their monthly mortgage payments and bringing their interest rates down. The Society has different tracker mortgage options available, all of which are fixed to two year timeframes. Some of these tracker mortgages also offer cashback to homebuyers, or free standard valuation deals to help customers get started. All of these mortgages come with early repayment charges and product fees.

N&P Building Society currently offers the following products:

Changing mortgage deal

If you want to change your mortgage without moving home, the Society has got a good range of fee-free deals available exclusively for existing customers. The products incur an early repayment charge if you repay in full or if you repay over 10% of the amount originally borrowed (or £10,000 - whichever is lower) per year during the initial rate period.

Borrowing more

If you need to make those all important home improvements, there are options available to take additional borrowing on your existing mortgage with N&P. Norwich & Peterborough Building Society can only accept applications for additional borrowing where the loan is secured on, and in relation to, your main residence.

Moving home

If you’re moving home and you already have a mortgage with N&P, you can either pay off your existing mortgage and take out a new one or transfer (port) your existing deal to your new mortgage (although you will still need to pay off (redeem) your existing mortgage when you take out a new one.

Your mortgage interest rate will revert to the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) at the end of the fixed or discounted period. Your mortgage will stay on the SVR interest rate until your mortgage term ends or you redeem your mortgage.

The Core Features of N&P Building Society Mortgages

  • Flexible terms
  • Payments via debit card
  • A range of fixed and tracker mortgage solutions available
  • Mortgage switching available

How does it work?

For advice and guidance on the mortgage application process, customers can meet with a qualified Mortgage Advisor at their local Yorkshire Building Society branch, or they can call the building society’s contact number. Once customers have applied for their mortgage and been approved, they can track the details and manage their mortgage online with the Yorkshire Banking Society’s web services.

The Final Advice

Being the part of the UK's largest building society, Yorkshire Building Society, the N&P Building Society offers many of the benefits of a bank as well as the advantages of dealing with a building society.