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The information on this page will give you an insight into Monmouthshire Building Society mortgages. It will discuss the type of mortgages available from that Building Society in the hope of letting people know whether or not this is the right specialist for them. Established in 1869, Monmouthshire Building Society helps people across England and Wales to buy properties and save for their future. Read the information below to learn more.

About Monmouthshire Building Society Mortgages

Monmouthshire Building Society offers a range of different mortgages to suit almost everyone who might want to apply. Take a look at the products and features section to work out which type of mortgage is most suitable for your circumstances. With low deposits on first-time buyer mortgages and an excellent calculator on their website, Monmouthshire Building Society is an excellent mortgage partner chosen by thousands of young people around the country. The specialist also has provisions for those who want to switch mortgage provider or remortgage their properties later in life.

Products and features

First-time buyer

With a standard variable rate of around 4.99%, Monmouthshire Building Society offers excellent first-time buyer mortgages with low deposits. They currently provide 2-year discounted rate, 2-year fixed rate, and 5-year fixed rate mortgages. A fixed rate is often the best option on the table for people who need financial stability and predictable payments.

Home purchase

Those who want to purchase a property when they’re already on the ladder can benefit from the same rates of around 4.99%. Monmouthshire Building Society currently provides 2-year discounted rate, 2-year fixed rate, and 5-year fixed rate home purchase mortgages.

Buy to let

Buy to let mortgages are an excellent choice for those who wish to become landlords and maximise their profits. Monmouthshire Building Society can help out with that too! There are 2-year discounted rate and 2-year fixed rate options available. Buying a property with the intention of letting it out is a fantastic way to earn extra income and increase investment assets.


Monmouthshire Building Society can help homeowners to remortgage their properties. They currently offer 2-year discounted rate, 2-year standard rate, and 5-year fixed rate mortgage options. Remortgaging can provide people with a financial lifeline, and it can also give a cash injection for home improvements, etc.

Holiday let

For people looking to buy holiday properties, Monmouthshire Building Society provides 2-year discount rate, and 2-year fixed rate holiday let mortgages. They are the ideal option for those looking to buy a second or third property.


Monmouthshire Building Society mortgages can help buyers in England and Wales to get the best possible deals when acquiring property. Anyone with questions should get in touch with the company and speak to an advisor. The team at Monmouthshire Building Society deal with hundreds of requests every day, and they will use their expertise to highlight the best mortgage deals for all their clients. Monmouthshire Building Society mortgages offer some of the lowest rates around, and there are many options on the table when it comes to the term, and the level of interest people pay.