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MBS Lending is one of the UK’s top specialists when it comes to helping people with poor credit records to obtain the financial products they require. MBS Lending mortgages help those with complex financial situations to find the perfect solutions to their problems and navigate issues that would cause a refusal from many of the other lenders on the market today.

About MBS Lending

MBS Lending Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Based in Melton Mowbray, the organisation helps people in England and Wales with less than perfect credit histories to secure the lending their require for property purchases. MBS Lending operates through the intermediary market, and they deal with hundreds of brokers and solicitors every single year. Individuals who want to use the service will first need to register on the principal broker site for the Melton group.

Products & features


Brokers dealing with clients who wish to remortgage can select one of many MBS Lending mortgages depending on the individual’s circumstances. All the forms you require are readily available on the MBS Lending website.

Near prime enhance

The near prime enhance MBS Lending mortgages have a maximum loan to value rates of 70%, and fixed rates for the first three years of 3.99%. The interest rate increases to 6% after that term, and there is a £150 application fee for everyone. Clients must not have missed more than one payment during the last twelve months, and they must not have CCJs that total more than £1000 from the previous two years. All CCJs must be satisfied to get approval.

Near prime

The near prime MBS Lending mortgages have a maximum loan to value rate of 60%, and fixed rates for the first three years of 4.99%. That interest rate rises to 6% after the term, and application fees remain at £150. It is critical to note that those with poor credit histories must not have missed more than one payment during the last twelve months, and they can’t have missed any over the previous three months. They must also have a maximum of £1,500 worth of CCJs in the last two years.

Credit assist

For those who are struggling a little more, the credit assist MBS Lending mortgages are ideal because they allow you to have missed two payments during the last twelve months. They’re also suitable for people who have had to deal with up to £4,000 worth of CCJs in the previous two years, and they’re even ideal for clients who’ve been through bankruptcy.


For those having a hard time financially during the last couple of years, MBS Lending mortgages could provide a much-needed lifeline that enables those people to achieve their goals and continue with their lives. Remember that MBS Lending only deals with approved brokers in most instances, and so those who want to benefit from the support will need to get in touch with the Melton group as soon as possible.