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About MBNA Credit Cards

MBNA (a Bank of American company) is a reputed provider of credit cards. With a range of credit cards to choose from (including balance transfer cards, reward cards and charity cards), the MBNA Credit Cards helps customers find the best credit card for their needs. Each type of credit card offered by MBNA credit card is packed with features and benefits for you to compare. At present, MBNA Credit Cards offers balance transfer credit cards, transfer and purchase credit cards, purchase credit cards, money transfer credit cards and low interest credit cards. Even if you are not eligible for any of these credit cards, MBNA Credit Cards still may offer you an alternative. Or, with their eligibility checker, you can instantly find out which cards you are eligible to apply for. The eligibility check doesn’t affect your credit score.

MBNA Balance transfer credit cards

You can save money by paying less interest on your outstanding balance when you choose one of their balance transfer credit cards. The core features are:

  • Long durations of up to 36 months from account opening
  • Low fee balance transfer offers
  • Long-term low interest rates

MBNA Transfer and purchase credit cards

With transfer offers to help you get organised, and competitive rates on purchases too, an MBNA transfer and purchase credit card cater all your relevant needs. The core features are:

  • Balance and money transfer offers.
  • Promotional offers on purchases.
  • Long-term low interest rates.

Purchase credit cards

These cards are suitable for shopping needs, whether it’s for everyday essentials or a larger purchase. The core features are:

  • Promotional offers on purchases for up to 4 years.
  • Long-term low interest rates.
  • The option to make a transfer if you need to.

MBNA Money transfer credit cards

Transfer funds to your bank or building society account with an MBNA money transfer credit card. This is makes it handy for cash only purchases. The core features are:

  • Long durations of up to 32 months from account opening.
  • Long-term low interest rates.
  • Balance transfer offers.

MBNA Low interest credit cards

Low rate cards are great perfect for your bigger purchases, transfers and everyday spend. The core features are:

  • Long-term low-interest rates for up to 4 years.
  • Balance and money transfer offers.
  • Promotional offers on purchases.
  • Low transfer fees

The Core Features of MNBA Credit Cards

  • MBNA Card Services App
  • A vast variety of credit cards available
  • Fee-free 0% balance transfers
  • Faster and easier track
  • Contactless payment
  • Easy payments and paperless statements
  • Low fee balance transfer credit cards
  • Manage the credit card online
  • 24/7 Prompt customer service support

How does it work?

Customers can check their eligibility for their desired credit card on MBNA credit cards’ website by filling a simple form. The team will show you the credit cards you’re eligible for within 60 seconds, without affecting your credit rating. This process covers the first stage of the eligibility process after which, based on your details and the results of a quotation search, you are provided a list of cards you’re eligible to apply for. Once you’ve chosen a credit card, the second stage will confirm the exact offer details before you go on to complete a full application.

The Final advice

There are literally thousands of credit card offers out there. MBNA make it easy to compare their wide range of credit cards, all in one place. A Clever Check behind the scenes (called a quotation search) is done that display a list of credit cards you’re eligible to apply for. A quotation search enables an initial assessment on your credit file without impacting your credit rating.