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Marsden Building Society provides a range of different mortgage options for their clients and customers. The Building Society helps thousands of potential homeowners every single year, and the information on this page should assist in shedding some light on their most popular mortgage products. Take a moment to read this information to learn more about Marsden Building Society and how they could help you to buy property and secure the best interest rates on the market.

About Marsden Building Society Mortgages

First launched in 1890, Marsden Building Society supports their members with the best savings and mortgage assistance available. Alongside the mortgage options discussed on this page, the brand also assists with home insurance, life planning, and more. The winner of many industry-related awards, Marsden Building Society has gone from strength to strength during the last 100 or so years, and it has cemented itself as a trustworthy lender amongst all clients and customers.

Products & features


For people already on the housing ladder who want to buy a new home, Marsden Building Society mortgages provide different options to suit every situation. The most popular fixed rate mortgage comes with an initial 2-year discounted rate of only 1.99% which raises to a standard variable rate of 5.95% with a maximum loan to value rate of 60%. Fees total 0.50%. Customers can also get fixed rate mortgages starting at 3.29%.

First-time buyer

Marsden Building Society understands how difficult it can be for first-time buyers to get onto the housing ladder. That is why they provide both fixed rate and discounted rate products. The 2-year discounted rate mortgages for first-time buyers start at 1.99% rising to 5.95% after the initial term. The maximum loan to value rate is 60%, but the brand also offers a 90% LTV option.

Mortgages for 55 years plus

For those in their twilight years who want to get a mortgage, Marsden Building Society has the right package. Rates vary from person to person, but anyone wishing to apply must want to purchase a property with a value of more than £150,000. They must also be a resident of England and Wales and have a minimum income of £17,500 per year. That can come from a pension scheme or anywhere else.


Remortgaging is often the best way to pay for home improvements or get a lump sum of cash when homeowners need it most. Marsden Building Society does not publish information on their website about their remortgage deals, and they instead ask clients and customers to get in touch with their team for a personalised quote and arrangement.


Regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase property for the first time or you want to move your way up the ladder, Marsden Building Society has the perfect mortgage product for you. For the best deals and more information, contact the team and discuss your requirements. Marsden Building Society is a brand trusted by thousands of homeowners in England and Wales, and they increase and improve their mortgage products all the time.