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Discover all the mortgages and deals from the entire range of mortgages at the Mansfield Building Society. Compare the products and interest rates side-by-side with other lenders to see who is offering the best deals. View rates from fixed and variable rate, tracker mortgages, and buy to let.


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Mansfield Building Society mortgages could be ideal for first-time buyers and just about anyone else living in England and Wales. The information on this page will provide an insight into the mortgage products available right now, and it will let you know a little more about the brand. By the time you leave this page; you should have better understanding of Mansfield Building Society mortgages and whether or not they are right for you.

About Mansfield Building Society mortgages

Founded in 1869, Mansfield Building Society provides financial products like mortgages, savings accounts, insurance, and more to thousands of members in England and Wales. With total assets of £314.7 million and four branches for customers to visit, Mansfield Building Society Mortgages has become a trusted partner for those wishing to buy properties or improve their financial situations.

Products & features

First-time buyer mortgages

There are some excellent Mansfield Building Society mortgages for first-time buyers with up to 95% Loan to Value available. That means people trying to get on the housing ladder for the first time will only have to save a 5% deposit. The Building Society also enables buyers to participate in the government’s scheme which offers a help to buy equity loan of up to 20% of the cost of the property.

Interest-only mortgages

For people who can demonstrate an acceptable repayment strategy, Mansfield Building Society interest-only mortgages are the best option on the table. Each case is different, and so those who need interest only arrangements will have to get in touch with Mansfield Building Society and explain their circumstances.

Homebuyer mortgages

There are no less than 14 Mansfield Building Society mortgage options for those looking to relocate. The most popular provides a 3-year discounted rate of 1.89% which rises to 4.9% at the end of the term. That includes a maximum loan to value rate of 80%, £199 in fees, and an early repayment charge of 3%. Most of the other deals are similar but with various discounted or fixed terms.

Shared ownership mortgages

For those who wish to purchase part of their property and then pay rent on the rest, Mansfield Building Society shared ownership mortgages are suitable. With discounted rates starting at 3.49% and then rising to 5.5%, and a maximum loan to value rate of 95%, there are lots of options available. Best of all? There are no early repayment charges if you choose that deal.

Buy to let mortgages

Anyone looking to purchase property with a view to renting it out and making a profit should take a look at the many different Mansfield Building Society mortgages. With discounted rates for terms or 2 or 3 years starting at 2.49%; there is sure to be something perfect for all buyers. Rates rise to 5.0% following the initial term, and there are both consumer and business mortgage options.


For almost any type of mortgage, Mansfield Building Society is a trustworthy brand that people living in England and Wales should consider when assessing their options before applying for a mortgage arrangement. Regardless of whether you’re a business buyer, or an individual looking to get your foot on the ladder for the first time; you are sure to discover an excellent Mansfield Building Society mortgage that meets and exceeds all expectations.