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Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages are an excellent choice for those who need to borrow money for a property purchase. With thousands of happy customers and clients, this brand has gone from strength to strength. The information on this page will help you to learn more about Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages and determine which deal is right for you.

About Magellan Homeloans & Mortgage

Founded in 2013, Magellan Homeloans is a specialist mortgage lender with a mission to provide affordable finance that enables buyers to build and maintain financial stability. The organisation offers tailored mortgage deals to people looking to buy a home for the first time, relocate, or release funds for home improvements and anything else. Magellan Homeloans prides itself on helping borrowers with complex requirements to find a deal that works for them. The team takes a personal approach and deals with every customer as if they were the first mortgage client through the door. They also offer a credit repair range of products that can help to improve credit scores and help clients to get back on track.

Products & features

First charge mortgages

Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages offers first charge mortgage deals to new and existing clients and customers. Under that deal, the company takes legal charge of the property as security for the mortgage until the debt is paid. That option is ideal for those with poor credit scores and anyone who is turned down for a mortgage arrangement elsewhere. There are many terms and conditions, and so anyone who would like to apply for a first charge mortgage will need to contact the team.

Fixed rate deals

Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages provides fixed rate mortgage deals for 2 or 3 years followed by variable rates for the rest of the repayment period. Fixed rates start at around 2% and rise to about 5% at the end of the term. Fixed rate mortgages are a fantastic idea because they give buyers a couple of years to put measures in place to ensure they become financially stable before they begin paying the full rate.

Variable rate

Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages also offers variable rate mortgage deals from day one for those who wish to simplify the lending process. Clients and customers will get notifications when rates increase, and so there is no need to stress about unexpected price hikes. All mortgage holders will also benefit from free support and guidance from the team.


Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages can help homeowners who wish to remortgage their properties and raise some cash. They can use that money for home improvements or anything else, and the process is straightforward. However, this brand only provides mortgages for properties used as your primary residence and not buy-to-let.


Choosing Magellan Homeloans & Mortgages when you want to buy a new home or remortgage your current property is an excellent move. Anyone who would like to get a quote or learn more about the financial products on offer from this brand should contact their team. Compared to many other mortgage specialists on the market in the UK and Wales, Magellan Homeloans is one of the most straightforward and transparent.