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Loughborough Building Society provides mortgages and other financial products related to savings, insurance, and investments to members in England and Wales. The information on this page will highlight some details about the Building Society and the mortgage products available right now. The info will help those looking to buy property or remortgage to choose the best deal for them.

About Loughborough Building Society Mortgages

Founded in 1867, Loughborough Building Society is a UK-based financial services specialist based in Loughborough, Leicestershire. It has assets of £287 million, and three branches in the towns of Loughborough, Derby and Long Eaton. Loughborough Building Society mortgages have helped thousands of people in the Midlands to acquire property and achieve financial stability, and they employ around 55 workers at any one time.

Products & features

Homebuyer mortgages

For those who want to upsize or downsize, Loughborough Building Society provides both fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. Starting at only 1.24% for the first two or three years, the maximum loan to value percentage is between 80% and 95% depending on the deal buyers select.

First-time buyer mortgages

There are Loughborough Building Society mortgages for first-time buyers that only require the client to save 5% as a deposit. There are fixed and variable rate options on the table, and they start at 3.99% and 2.99%. The maximum loan to value rate is 95% in both instances, and there is a completion fee of £999.

Buy to let mortgages

For clients who need a buy to let mortgage, Loughborough Building Society provides variable and fixed rate options starting at 2.24% up to 3.39% depending on the arrangement buyers choose. The maximum loan to value rate is 75%, and fees range from £699 to £1499.

Homebuilding mortgages

There are lots of people out there who like the idea of building their home from scratch. Loughborough Building Society mortgages can help with that! The brand currently only offers a variable rate deal that starts at 4.14% and has a £525 completion fee.

Retirement mortgages

Many people struggle to obtain a mortgage later in life. That is especially the case is the loan term will extend into their retirement. Still, Loughborough Building Society has the perfect solution with variable mortgage interest rates starting at 2,89%. The completion fee for mortgages of that nature is only £99!


Loughborough Building Society mortgages are available for existing lenders who wish to borrow more money or change their mortgage type. They are also available for people who want to remortgage to raise some cash. There are variable and fixed rate options starting at 2.69%, and the maximum loan to value ratio on those deals is 90%.


For all your borrowing needs, Loughborough Building Society mortgages are worthy of some consideration. Regardless of whether you want to get on the housing ladder for the first time or you need to borrow some extra money; researching Loughborough Building Society and getting in touch with the team before selecting a competitor is a wise move.