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About Lloyds Bank Credit Cards

The process of applying for a Lloyds Bank app is very easy, and this certainly makes it an appealing option to many people. There range of credit cards have been assembled with certain specific needs in mind, and you can see this very clearly as soon as you visit their website. You can even choose what you’re going to be using the credit cared for before the website tells you which of the options it thinks will be best for you depending on your answer. These categories are balance transfer, large purchase, everyday spending and travel.

There is even a guide and video to explain things for you, making it one of the best creditors in terms of help and assistance for people looking to complete a application online. We’re now going to delve into some of the things you should know about Lloyds Bank credit card products and the features that come with them.

Products & Features

Firstly, there’s the Lloyds Bank Platinum card that comes with 0% purchases and 0% balance transfer for 24 months. It’s a very good card with plenty of benefits and a decent variable purchase rate of 19.94% after the introductory period ends. There is also annual fee to worry about either. The 0% Platinum Balance Transfer credit card is also a very strong option for anyone looking to carry out balance transfers regularly and consistently without paying any money to do so for a long time to come.

Their card aimed at people focusing on Everyday Spending can also be used as a balance transfer card if you want. But the main benefit of these cards is that they allow you to get rewards when you spend money using the credit card. When making large purchases, having that 0% interest rate on large purchases is a big deal. And if you want to spend that money right away, it’s worth having the right card for it because you won’t need to be making those large purchases after the introductory offer ends. Be sure to contact Lloyds about your specific requirements if you’re not sure which card to choose and they will aim to assist you.


The standout credit card here is clearly the Lloyds Platinum Balance Transfer credit card. The representative APR is good, you will get 29 months of 0% interest on purchases and there is no annual fee for you to pay. One of the big benefits of applying for this card or any Lloyds Bank credit card is that the application process takes only 10 minutes to complete online and then you’ll get a reply quickly too. The online banking process offered by Lloyds is simple to use too.

You can easily check your eligibility for a Lloyds Bank credit card online if you’re not sure about whether to apply or not. It’s best to do this beforehand because being turned down too many times can have a negative impact in the end. The five cards discussed here all bring something different and each has its benefits.