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Here you can quickly discover all the mortgages available from the Legal & General. See L&G’s entire range of mortgage products from fixed and varible interest rate deals to buy to let, and mortgages specially for first time home buyers.


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Legal & General is a global financial services organisation that offers a ‘mortgage club’, designed to give authorised advisors a snapshot of the whole mortgage market, and help them find the best possible home loan doe their customers. Read on to find out more on how getting a Legal & General mortgage works.

About L&G Mortgages

Legal & General was created by a group of lawyers in the mid-1830s, originally as a financial services company only for use by people in the legal profession. However, over time the company has grown into a much bigger animal, and by the start of last century was concerning itself with products such as life assurance and pensions.

Legal & General mortgages do not work like other traditional mortgages per se. Under the umbrella of the Legal & General Mortgage Club, an authorised advisor can find your home loan from any of the major high street banks as well as a multitude of smaller building societies. According to its website, Legal & General can offer customers a choice between more than 75 different lenders, which are a mix of mainstream and niche products.

Products & features

It is impossible to describe the mortgages on offer from Legal & General, as the options are based on what other lenders are doing right at this very moment. However, membership of the Mortgage Club has some undeniable benefits, and there is very likely to be a home loan suitable for your individual situation.

There are currently products for first-time buyers, people wishing to move home, buy to let landlords and even remortgagers. The niche products on offer include tricky home loan propositions, such as self build mortgages, Islamic finance deals, equity release and lending to high net worth individuals.

Other benefits of being in the club is that Legal & General are the only mortgage club to offer you the chance to claim procuration fees at an early stage - or on completion. The company also has a broad variety of different exclusive offers. These include special, exclusive deals with lenders such as Buckinghamshire, Leeds, and Melton building societies amongst many others.

Finally, as a Legal & General Mortgage Club member, you have access to its extensive roadshow and events program, which help you learn about the home buying process - and is also a place for potential financial advisors to get important market info. You also have access to the Mortgage Club TV station, which provides viewers with industry insight.


While Legal & General Mortgages are a little different to the traditional method of getting a home loan, the amount of mainstream and niche products on offer at any given time is exceptional. Club membership brings a lot of extra benefits, too. It’s important to remember that membership is intended for financial advisors, and to get one of these mortgages you will need to find a local advisor who is a member. Given the huge range of options, and the many niche markets they cater for, it could well turn out to be worth your while in a rather big way.