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About HSBC Credit Cards

The range of different credit cards offered by HSBC is the thing that really stands out when you first start looking at what the company offers. There are six major options when it comes to UK credit cards from HSBC, and you’re likely to find something that’s right for you from one of them. Unlike other creditors that focus on one area, HSBC is keen to cover all bases and offer a credit card solution that can be right for just about everyone, which is certainly commendable.

The bank is one of the highest profile financial service providers in the country right now, so that’s one of the reasons why so many people turn to them. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn the specifics and the features of each of their credit card options. You can’t make an informed decision until you’re armed with the right information; you’ll find all the relevant information regarding HSBC credit cards below.

Products & Features

The first credit card offered by HSBC is the Balance Transfer card. This offers £25 cashback, 0% balance transfers for 32 months, 0% on purchases for 3 months and there is no annual fee involved. Then there’s the Advance credit card that also offers cashback, offers strong variable rates and the same introductory offers on balance transfers and purchases as the Balance Transfer card.

The Dual credit card offers 0% interest on purchases for 26 months, you can earn cashback from shopping via Visa Offers and there’s no annual fee. HSBC’s Classic credit card is exclusive to people already using HSBC for banking and offers credit up to £1000 with no annual fee either. It’s a good card for people wanting the basic things covered and don’t need any of the introductory extras that come with other cards.

The Premier credit card offers a reward programme that allows you to collect points that can be redeemed for vouchers and frequent flyer miles. You will also be offered an overnight stay in a luxury hotel when you take out and use this credit card. You will also get )5 on purchases for 9 months. The Premier World Elite Mastercard is only available to HSBC Premier account customers and has an enhanced rewards programme allowing you to collect double points. Finally, there’s the Student credit card for people with HSBC student bank accounts, offering you up to £500 credit and cashback, as well as exclusive offers.


As you can see, there’s something to meet all needs when it comes to HSBC credit cards. It’s worth looking carefully and assessing all the benefits of each card before deciding which is right for you. In general, the benefits provided by each card are very strong, but they will only benefit you depending on how you use them. That’s why making a decision based on the intended user of the card is taken.

Both HSBC’s bank and its general online account management infrastructure are very strong, accessible and easy to navigate, so if you decide to take out a credit card with HSBC, you won’t have any trouble making use of it and managing your money online and on the go.