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For over 160 years, Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages has been saying yes to those who need help. Based in Reigate, they are a local society for local people and we are all about the community vibe. We take huge pride in our ability to support the local community, and we love to welcome new customers - because we strive to make their dreams a reality.

We run purely for the benefit of our members, and we are committed to putting their interests first. At Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages, our staff are friendly and professional and our manual underwriting means far fairer mortgage assessments, giving us the chance to look at the customer as a person and not just a number on the screen. We are able to say a resounding ‘yes’, where most other banks cannot.

Products & Features

Holmesdale Building Society merged with Skipton Building Society in June 2018, which means that we are currently not offering mortgages to new customers. We do offer a range of products to members and here is a breakdown of what we can offer when we do open our mortgages to new buyers again.

Residential Products:

Variable & Fixed Rate: In a variable mortgage, the interest charged can vary during the life of the product. A fixed rate mortgage with Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages means that your monthly repayment is fixed for a period of up to five years of the product.

Discounted Mortgage: This product offers the customer a discount from the variable rate mentioned earlier.

Self-Build Mortgage: When you want to build your own house, you can hit roadblocks with finance. With Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages, we can offer self-build mortgages to assist you with your new build contract.

Buy To Let Products:

Buy to Let Mortgage: If you are just buying a property simply to let it out as a rental, this is the mortgage for you. This is available to customers who are also looking to remortgage. Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages is committed to giving our customers what they need best.

Consumer Buy to Let Mortgage: Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages offers this product to those who are remortgaging a property that has been previously lived in and you do not own other properties that are being let out.

Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages are happy to take a flexible approach to mortgages, and no matter your circumstances, our mortgage advisors are happy to discuss your options with you.


We offer a straightforward service that is designed with you in mind. At Holmesdale Building Society Mortgages our reputation speaks for itself, and we think you’ll agree.