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Funding Circle aims to create opportunities for business owners and investors in a world where they are not being given the room to grow in the way that can benefit them. Our founders saw that businesses everywhere were not being given the right opportunities for funding while investors were not getting the returns that they were hoping for. So, we came up with the answer - mutual support.

When investors use Funding Circle to lend directly to businesses, they can earn better and more attractive returns to provide for their future. It’s beneficial for businesses, too, because they can get better access to funding to help them to grow, support the local community and drive the economy.

Products & Features

Funding Circle provides solutions for investors and business owners in different ways and it’s important to know that we are here to help you to thrive. Our application process is quick and you will be given a dedicated account manager to help you along after you get your decision. All you need to do is focus on your business - while we focus on the rest. So, how can we help you?

For Investors. When you use Funding Circle, you lend money directly to businesses that have already been established in Britain. They are able to grow their business, and you will earn returns on your investment that are attractive as you get paid each month. We have an ISA account - annual subscription limits, minimal £1,000 investment and tax free interest applies - and we have a classic account, where your earnings are subject to tax, no annual limit and a minimal £1,000 investment. We can help you to choose your lending option that is comfortable for you, and we can talk you through the fees and taxes involved.

For Businesses. Every five minutes, Funding Circle says yes to a business. We can offer you fast, affordable business loans up to £500,000 unsecured. Whatever you need the money for, we can help you and offer affordable monthly repayments with a repayment period of up to five years. Our service is efficient and if you’re in any doubt, give us a call today for a no-obligation chat. Within a day, you will have a personalised decision based on the quote earlier given and we will have a dedicated account manager working for you from the moment that you pick up the phone. We are passionate about helping businesses at Funding Circle and we are supportive every step of the way.


Funding Circle believes in businesses and investors who want to make their money go further than ever before, and Funding Circle have helped over 50,000 businesses around the world. We have over 80,000 investors earning for their future and we are the world’s leading platform for small business lending.