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No matter how well prepared you may be or how well you conduct yourself financially, life has a nasty habit of throwing you an unexpected curveball. Sometimes an unexpected expense comes your way and your savings aren’t quite up to the task of covering it. In these circumstances, choosing the right financial product can make all the difference between navigating the expense quickly, easily and manageably and allowing it to open up a fissure in your finances that can expand into a black hole of debt that haunts you for years to come.

Of course, an astutely selected loan can’t just help you through the nasty things in life like a broken washing machine, a noisy exhaust or damaged loft insulation. It can also help with the nice things, too. It can help you to treat the family to a much needed holiday, help you to drive the car of your dreams or buy the designer suit that will make you turn heads and walk with confidence at work. Whatever you need a loan for, choosing the right product and the right lender is of paramount importance. After topping a quality survey by the Competition and Markets Authority (MA) earlier this year, First Direct are positioned as Britain’s #1 bank!

Let’s see what they can do for you.

About First Direct Loans

First Direct is a division of HSBC. They are one of the emerging breed of retail banks that deals exclusively in online and telephone contact and has no high street presence. Because of this, they enjoy reduced operating overheads, meaning that they are able to offer more favourable rates to their customers. Aside from personal loans they also offer current accounts, credit cards, mortgages and every form of insurance you could need including home and vehicle insurance as well as travel and pet insurance.

Products & Services

First Direct offer a range of personal loans from a modest £1,000 to an opulent £50,000 for virtually anything. Whether you want to treat yourself to the car of your dreams, make some much needed repairs to your home or treat the house to a loft conversion. While the amount you will be able to borrow and resultant interest rate will depend on your credit rating, First Direct offer an impressive representative APR of just 3.3%. The great news is that your APR will never, ever exceed 21.9%. The website’s easy to use repayment calculator allows you to calculate exactly what you’ll need to pay back overall as well as what your monthly repayments will be, enabling you to make repayments according to your household budget.

There are a multitude of reasons why First Direct are a great choice, including;

  • A quick decision made in minutes.
  • Immediate access to your money when you’re approved online.
  • Flexible repayments that allow you to overpay and reduce your interest.


If you’re looking for an affordable loan with a market leading APR that gives you quick access to your money and the ability to make additional over payments, First Direct is a fantastic choice.