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At Octopus Property, we offer a range of products from residential lending, commercial lending and development lending.

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At Octopus Property, we are obsessed with our customers. We have spent the past eight years building a business that has a reputation for putting the needs and desires of our customers before anything else. There’s a reason our customers come back to us over and over, and it’s not just because of the friendly faces on the team. Octopus Property just aren’t your average lender; we provide funding to developers and investors of property during the property life cycle, which is not the type of service that you will get anywhere else. Our flexibility is what gives us our sterling reputation, because we’re not a bank.

We are part of Octopus Group, and previously were branded as Dragonfly Finance. We have stayed successful, continuing to push our message that we are the unconventional. There are always better ways that business can be done, and we take pride in the fact that others know it, too. We’re winning property lending awards for a reason, and we’re proud to be part of something big.

Products & Features

At Octopus Property, we offer a range of products from residential lending, commercial lending and development lending.

Residential Lending

Our residential bridging loans are known for helping customers in a variety of situations. Our loans are designed purely to be flexible, quick and security in a financial transaction. Bridging loans are useful for those who are about to suffer a house falling through and who need to put new finance in place right away. You can use bridging loans in several ways, from auction purposes to buying quick assets. We are also able to offer bridge to let and buy to let loans along with loans for refurbishment. Our loans range up to 70% LTV and up to 23m as a borrowing period.

Commercial Lending

Back in 2013, Octopus Property branched out into commercial lending as we saw a gap in the market that we could fill. Octopus Property, led by a specialist team of chartered surveyors, have very quickly become market leaders for commercial bridging loans, funding acquisitions, refinance and equity releases. Our loans can complete in as little as a week. Octopus Property also offers commercial term loans, with a minimum value of £500,000 as standard. Speaking to one of our highly qualified advisers can help you to get the advice that you need with regard to your commercial lending needs.
Development Lending.

We are a lender who will help with both ‘light’ and senior development loans. Speaking to our surveyors on our team can help you to understand what we can offer you in terms of lending and loan terms. We know that we can offer you what you need and we are confident you’ll be happy with our service.


We’ve been offering specialist loans since 2008 and in that time, Octopus Property has lent more than £3billion. We take the time to get to know our customers and their needs, and we do what we can to provide a flexible approach outside of the regular ‘credit scoring’ model.