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One of the largest international banks in Europe, Danske Bank originated in Denmark, but has since spread to operate 44 branches in Northern Ireland. A Fortune Global 500 company with over 5 million customers, it’s one of the most well-known and popular financial service institutions in Northern Ireland, offering a range of different services like current accounts, personal loans, credit cards, savings accounts, insurance, and more. Here, we’re going to look at the mortgages that Danske Bank offers and what customers can expect.

About Danske Bank

While the brand Danske Bank opened originally in Copenhagen over 147 years, it was previously known as Northern Bank, founded in Belfast in 1809. In 2004, Northern Bank was acquired by Danske Bank and all UK branches took on the name of the parent company from November 2012 onwards. Since then, Danske Bank has provided a whole host of day-to-day banking services, personal products, commercial loans, and corporate services across all of Northern Ireland. They offer online and mobile banking, a range of financial guides, and an extensive helpdesk on their website for customers, as well as mortgage and budget calculators.

Products & Features

As one of the biggest lenders in Northern Ireland, Danske Bank has a whole host of different mortgage products for personal borrowers. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the mortgages available from them:

  • Fixed rate mortgages: These mortgages start with a fixed rate for five years, before rising up to a follow-on rate for the rest of loan term, covering a loan to value ratio of up to 95%
  • Base rate tracker mortgages: This is a type of variable rate mortgage. Compared to other variable rates, the rate changes not based on the discretion of the lender but by following the Bank of England base rates.
  • Self-build home loans: Specialist mortgages for those who are building their own home, they are short-term loans of between 6-18 months, with no early repayment charges and no restrictions on overpayment.
  • Buy-to-let loans: A range of both fixed rate and base rate tracker mortgages for customers who intend on buying property to rent out as a landlord, covering up to 75% of the property value.

For customers who want to not only start a mortgage but move all of their banking services to Danske Bank, their Re:pay package offers a variable rate mortgage, overdraft, personal loan, savings account and current account all at the same time.

Other interesting features offered by Danske Bank includes mortgage cashback options, offering between £500 to £1,500 cashback on mortgages of all sizes. These offers do change periodically. Another noteworthy feature is their Helping Hand Remortgage Offer for loans of over £30,000, offering free standard legal fees, free valuation, £250 cashback and reduced rates.


With excellent online banking and help features, as well as highly professional customer service and further tools like mortgage calculators, Danske Bank offers one of the most comprehensive and transparent borrowing experiences in Northern Ireland. The regularly updating deals offer both old and new customers plenty of incentive to switch and take advantage of strong remortgage offers, too.