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About Cheshire Building Society Mortgages

If you’re looking for information on Cheshire Building Society mortgages, you may have trouble finding information that can be of much help. Alongside the Derbyshire Building Society, it agreed to a merger with Nationwide Building Society in September 2008, before close its original branches in 2013.

Instead, here’s a guide on Nationwide Building Society’s mortgage products and offers, as they still continue to offer the many services that Cheshire Building Society did when it was last open.

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society is the largest building society in the entirety of the UK. Unlike other financial institutions, it’s the product of hundreds of mergers of small societies, like the Cheshire Building Society. The Cheshire and Derbyshire societies became part of Nationwide as a result of the financial crisis of 2008, during which it merged with them in an attempt to protect mutual societies, their assets, and their members from the worst of the crash. Since then, both original brands have been phased into Nationwide entirety, closing original branches and offering services part of Nationwide’s core brand service. As the second largest provider of mortgages in the entirety of the UK, Nationwide enjoys high praise for having excellent customer service, online banking features, thorough financial guards and more available on its website.

Products & features

Nationwide offers a variety of different mortgages, over 430 in total, and a useful online tool to help customers find the best ones available to them. Through the website, users can answer questions such as whether they are buying their first home, moving home, or changing lender, how much the property value is, and how much they want to borrow. It returns, offering the most competitive fixed and variable rate mortgages available in the society.

Fixed-rate mortgages from Nationwide come with two, three, five, and ten-year fixed periods. Meanwhile, Nationwide offers tracker variable loans, meaning that the interest rates aren’t determined by stockholders in the society, but based on the Bank of England rates.

Other offers available include mortgage cashback offers, where customers could benefit from £500 cashback after the completion of the term. This applies to both first-time buyers and customers switching to Nationwide in order to remortgage.

Also available from Nationwide, at the time of writing, is the Help to Buy ISA. This is an offer made in cooperation with the UK government. Allowing first-time buyers to save with relatively good interest, the ISA returns 25% of all savings, up to a limit of £12,000. Customers who save £1000, for instance, can get £250 towards their home. This doesn’t help with paying the deposit, but it does decrease from the overall mortgage.


With low deposit and family deposit guarantor mortgages, Nationwide Building Society offers customers a highly accessible first step on the housing market. As one of the UK’s top financial institutions and mortgage lenders, the expertise of mortgage advisors makes it one of the easiest places to find a competitive, transparent mortgage. This is helped along by keeping customers updated with clear information on mortgages, and an easy application process.