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There are some times when the usual portfolio of financial products offered by most retail banks isn’t quite enough. Sure, if your car blows it’s head gasket, your home develops a leaky roof, you need to purchase a new vehicle or you just think that your family deserves a family away somewhere, there are a wide range of loans, credit cards and financing options readily available. Sometimes, however, we need a more esoteric product.

When we run our own business, are in the process of developing land we have purchased or need to carry out a major refurbishment of a commercial project we’re working on, we may have financial needs outside of the remit of a commercial or retail lender. We need a more specialist touch. A lender who not only offers the products and services that we need but has years of experience working with customers just like us. Fortunately, Charterbank Capital offers both. Here we’ll take a close look at this specialist lender and how the products and services that they offer can benefit you and your business.

About Charterbank Capital

Charterbank Capital is a privately owned and run Exeter based lender with a very specific focus. They deliver financial solutions to SMEs, farmers, property developers and buy-to-let landlords. With over 40 years of experience in commercial finance and property development they deliver a knowledgeable and amiable service to their specific niche. As they are privately owned and not a bank, they are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority for lending purposes. Their loans are also not governed by the Consumer Credit Act.

Products & Services

Whatever your developmental or business needs, Charterbank Capital have a wide range of products tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need a short term loan to ease your small business’ cash flow, you need some ready capital to develop a newly acquired property, you need to finance multiple properties or even if you have a mixed use property in which you or your family will spend less than 40% living, Charterbank Capital’s product range can help, encompassing;

All loans are secured. However, if you do not wish to secure a loan against your own residential property you may secure it against another commodity such as land, farms, development sites, or other residential, commercial, industrial or fixed use property. Loan products are available from £26,000 to £300,000 over terms of 1-12 months with rates from 1.39% a month, up to 65% LTV and an immediate decision in principle.


While Charterbank Capital are a privately owned lender and not a bank their extremely attractive range of products and flexible repayment terms make them a great choice for businesses and developers looking for short term finance options that can further their commercial endeavours.

With decades of experience and a borrowing limit of up to £300,000 they are a great choice for even the most adventurous of business ventures.