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About Central Bridging Loans

Central Bridging Loans is a principle lender. We have our own funds and solicitors on board to ensure that we can offer interest only, short term business use loans secured against property. We want our clients to feel secure in our service, which is why we will deal with clients one on one and offer a bespoke service to them. Where possible, we will engage directly from the start of the process through to completion of any of our loan facilities.

At Central Bridging Loans, we have over seventy five years of experience when it comes to lending. We also have the support of the four major law firms and we aim to complete any transaction in the swiftest time possible. Talking to us can help you to see that we make a difference to our clients - we listen, we are efficient and we are able to solve some of the most challenging financial needs. We do all of this while delivering the most dynamic service possible.

Products & Features

When you call Central Bridging Loans, you are calling for an impeccable service. We can perform a swift and professional review of your query and our average time for completing on a loan is under seven days. Here are some of the products that we offer our clients:

First Charge Bridging Loans. These are often used to assist with investment properties that are time sensitive in nature. You can raise the funds against unencumbered properties or to settle prior charges. We can solve a range of issues with funds here, and we have been actively involved in the first charge mortgage sector for the past 25 years. The minimum loan amount is £250k and the maximum is £2.5m. This can be borrowed up to 24 months.

Second Charge Bridging Loans. Typically, second charge bridging loans can be used to inject some capital into businesses, and they are best suited when repaying the original first charge mortgage with a new higher LTV loan. The minimum loan size is £250k and the maximum £1m. Offshore companies and trusts are accepted.

Commercial Bridging Loans. We are able to arrange loans ranging from £250k to £2.5m for commercial and semi-commercial purposes. The minimum loan term is 3 months with the maximum at 12 months. Bespoke Loans. Central Bridging Loans are also able to offer loans for a large range of uses and these can have different security structures.

Central Bridging Loans can quote you on an individual basis so that you get the bespoke, concentrated and confidential service that we offer.


Central Bridging Loans can offer bridging loans for any demonstrable business use or expenditure and we are happy to discuss your borrowing needs today. Give us a call for a no obligation, confidential discussion.