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Shopping around for a credit card can be a daunting experience, especially for first timers. While the products all look extremely tempting, that nagging voice in your head keeps telling you that this might all be too good to be true. All of the extras, incentives and rewards can seem designed to lure you into some sort of trap which will one day cripple your household finances. While it’s certainly true that credit cards need to be carefully managed to get the most out of them, when you box clever with credit cards you can reap some real rewards or overleap unexpected expenses effortlessly.

The trick, of course, is choosing the right card. This can be confusing, especially with so many products from so many lenders out there, all offering appealing incentives and seductive rewards. One of the best things you can do when looking for the right card for you is to look for a brand you trust. Capital One is one of the most trusted brands in consumer finance today. Let’s take a look at what their range of credit cards can do for you.

About Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One is an American financial corporation with an international presence based in McLean, Virginia. A Fortune 500 company, they have a reputation all over the world for operational excellence, customer care, community involvement and ethical banking. Issuing their first UK credit card in 1996 they’ve become one of the most trusted brands in UK consumer finance. They put customer focus and ethical banking at their forefront and as a result they are currently the only UK card provider with a 4-star rated credit card from Fairbanking.

If you’re looking for a brand you can trust, look no further than Capital One. Now, let’s take a look at some of their products.

Products & Features

Whatever your credit card needs, Capital One’s diverse range has a product to suit your needs. The “soft check” facility on their website ensures that you can find out within 60 seconds if you’re eligible to apply for any of their cards without affecting your credit rating. Here are some of the brand’s most popular options;

  • The Credit Builder Card- Popular with students, new graduates, those with poor credit and customers who simply never got around to building a credit rating, this card’s £1,500 maximum limit and 34.9% APR variable make it a good all-rounder.
  • The 0% Balance Transfer Card- The card of choice for those who want to transfer their remaining balance from another card to pay it off faster and reduce the amount spent on interest. This card offers a credit limit of up to £6,000 and 0% interest on balance transfers for 12 months at a fee of just 2.9%. It also offers 0% interest on purchases for the first 3 months, reverting to 24.9% representative APR thereafter.


One of the most trusted and ethical banks in the world, Capital One is a safe pair of hands. Plus, their range of cards makes it possible for even those with no or poor credit histories to get access to credit and improve their lot.