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We’ve listed and compared all the Barclays Bank mortgages deals on offer today from their whole product range. View all the deals Barclays currently have on offer and compare rates from tracker mortgages, fixed, variable rate and buy to let mortgages.


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With Barclays, we focus our services around our customers. Our staff receive no sales incentives or commission, so you can be assured that when you are told how great one of our Barclays Mortgages are, you’re getting a true reflection of the product. The focus of Barclays is to provide you with an excellent service that helps you to meet your financial needs. We offer ways to communicate to suit everyone, whether this be online chat, telephone lines that are open beyond regular office hours and even SignVideo, our way to chat with our BSL customers.

We offer a plethora of products at Barclays, from current accounts to loans, credit cards and ISAs. One of our most popular products are Barclays Mortgages, of which we have many options on the table to discuss with you. We aim to suit every customer out there, so whether you are looking to borrow further on an existing mortgage, or you are a new customer looking to find out more about us, it’s worth giving us a call today.

Products & Features

At Barclays Mortgages, we think of buying and financing a new house as an adventure. We know that it’s a stressful process for you to find the right house and prepare to move, which is why we make our service so much simpler than you think it is. Whatever your needs are, we have a mortgage for you. Our online calculators allow you to work out what you can afford and what we could lend to you and you can manage your entire mortgage online. So, what Barclays Mortgages products could you be looking at?

  • First time buyer mortgages. Getting on the property ladder has never been easier with Barclays Mortgages by your side.
  • Remortgages. Already a customer with us and want to extend your home? Why not remortgage your property and use the equity to pay for your new kitchen?
  • Buy to let mortgages. When you fancy your hand at being a landlord, our buy to let mortgages give you the chance.
  • Existing mortgage customers. You can manage your balance and make early payments on your current mortgage or discuss changing your rate to another on our product list.
  • Fixed rate and variable rate mortgages. We have a wide range of interest rates that you can discuss with us at any time.
  • Offset mortgages. You can reduce your monthly payments by offsetting your mortgage with the balance from other accounts.
  • Family Springboard mortgages. Get the mortgage you need without a huge deposit; all you need is someone to front 10% of the property price for you.
  • Green Home mortgages. When you buy an energy efficient home, we’ll give you a lower rate. We’re happy to support you saving the world.


Barclays Mortgages aims to give our customers the service that they want and we will be with you every step of the way.