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About Barclays Loans

At Barclays, we focus our services around our customers. Our staff receive no sales incentives or commission, so you can be assured that when you are told how great one of our Barclays Loans are, you’re getting a true reflection of the product. The focus of Barclays is to provide you with an excellent service that helps you to meet your financial needs. We offer ways to communicate to suit everyone, whether this be online chat, telephone lines that are open beyond regular office hours and even SignVideo, our way to chat with our BSL customers.

We offer a plethora of products at Barclays, from current accounts to mortgages, credit cards and ISAs. One of our most popular products are Barclays Loans, of which we have many options on the table to discuss with you. We aim to suit every customer out there, so whether you are looking to borrow for your first car, or you are a new customer looking to find out more about us, it’s worth giving us a call today.

Products & Features

At Barclays Loans, we offer our customers a simple way to borrow, and you can compare our loans online right now. We offer fixed interest rates that are personal to you and we can tell you what your loan rate could be - without it touching your credit score. With our simple online application, you can get quick access to your funds, whether you want to borrow for home improvements or to consolidate debts. So, why should you look to Barclays Loans when you need to borrow further for your family?

  • A representative APR is a common rate, but yours could be very different. Barclays Loans know that your application and circumstances aren’t the same as the next person, and it’s why we tailor our interest to you and your finances.
  • We offer a soft search, meaning you can check your rate before you commit.
  • You could get your money right away, as long as you’ve signed your agreement between 7am and 10.30pm.
  • We offer fixed repayments that can help you to budget.
  • You can choose your preferred payment term to suit your circumstances.
  • We offer a top-up option for our current Barclays Loans customers.
  • Barclays Loans offer a price guarantee to our customers, so if you take a loan out with us and another lender gives you a better offer on APR, you can claim under our guarantee within 30 days of the date you signed your agreement.

Our loans are tailored to you and you can borrow for any reason that suits you. Talk to us today about our loans and one of our friendly advisers can talk you through our rates and what could be the best option for your circumstances.


Barclays Loans aims to give our customers the service that they want and we will be with you every step of the way. Call us today for a personalised quote and get your application in with us today.