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The thing with credit cards is that it’s better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it. Many swear off credit cards and while this may work for them, keeping a credit card in your wallet can have numerous advantages. It can help you to build a robust credit score. It can help you to navigate life’s unexpected emergencies like a clogged Diesel Particulate Filter in your car, a leaky roof or a broken washing machine with grace and aplomb rather than dragging you into a black hole of debt. It can help you to pay for life’s little essentials over time when you’re having a cash flow crisis. And with the range of rewards offered by many cards, it can also help you to get a little something back while paying for life’s everyday expenses.

Of course, a healthy relationship with your credit card, a relationship that means your card is working for you rather than the other way around, comes from knowing which credit card is the right one to suit your needs. Making that decision starts with choosing a brand you can trust. And they don’t come much bigger or more universally trusted than Barclaycard.

About Barclaycard Credit Cards

Barclays has been Britain’s most dominant high street bank for decades. In fact, the bank has been a ubiquitous presence in the UK since the late 1600s. Barclaycard has long been held up as the gold standards for commercially available credit cards. In fact, we all remember those amusing Barclaycard adverts starring Rowan Atkinson which would one day metamorphose into the Johnny English film franchise.

Products & Features

As one of the most robust high street banks in the country, Barclaycard offer a huge array of cards to suit a range of situations. Whether you’re looking for a card to help you get more out of your quotidian purchases, pay for an unexpected expense, make international travel easier or help to whittle down your credit card with generous balance transfer deals, Barclaycard’s impressive range means that you’ll be able to find the card for you with ease.

Common favourites include;

  • Barclaycard initial- A great first credit card for those with no credit history. It has no annual fees, offers 0% interest for the first 3 months and representative 34.9% APR variable thereafter.
  • 33 month balance transfer card- Offering 33 months’ 0% interests on all balance transfers made within the first 60 days and 0% interest on purchases within the first 6 months (19.9% thereafter). 1.95% fee applies.
  • No fee 24 month balance transfer card- Offers balance transfers without fees over a shorter period (19.9% thereafter).
  • Platinum travel card- Great for those whose business commitments lead them to travel abroad often. This card offers no non-sterling transaction fees on foreign purchases and ATM withdrawals up until August 2022 and purchase protection on transactions over £100. All at just 21.9% APR.


Barclaycard is about as big as it gets. They’re big on choice and big on incentives, meaning that whatever your credit card needs they’re a great option!