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Launching in 2002, Aqua aims to help people who may have had their applications for credit cards refused by other companies. There are many reasons why people might be refused credit, so by targeting this market, Aqua has been able to offer a valuable service to people with nowhere else to turn. The trade-off for people looking to use an Aqua credit card is that the APR is slightly higher because the company targets the bad credit market.

Many people look to Aqua as a way not only to access credit but to rebuild their credit score which has stopped them from successfully accessing other forms of credit in the past. For many people, this is just as important as accessing the credit itself. They’ll be able to make repayments on time and show creditors they’re not a risk any longer.

Aqua credit cards are underwritten by NewDay Ltd, the company that also markets the business. Aqua also uses an online account management portal for anyone wanting to keep an eye on their balance and transfer money swiftly and easily. The company is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Products & Features

There are a few key products offered by Aqua, but by far the most popular and best known one is their Classic card. It has a starting credit limit of between £250 and £1200, and it comes with free text reminders and a credit report. If you stay within its limits and make payments on time, it’s very good for improving your credit over time. Charges of £12 are incurred for late payments of going over limit, but there’s no annual fee involved.

The next card Aqua offer is the Advance card, which is a card that comes with all the key advantages of the Classic but with some added benefits. Firstly, the overall rate attached to it will reduce over three years as long as you stay within your limit and make all of the necessary payments on time. There are also no extra charges for using the card abroad.

The Rewards card also comes with the benefits of the Classic but with 0.5% cashback up to £100 per year for anyone who stays within their limit and pays on time. You can also reduce the rate you pay and there are no fees for using it abroad. The Start card is solely focused on helping people rebuild credit and has a higher APR attached to it.


In summary, it’s clear that there is value in the credit cards offered by Aqua. People who have been turned down by other creditors need a place to turn. The company not only allows them to access credit but also to rebuild their credit over time, which is very useful indeed.

The range of cards on offer is also impressive, and it means that they offer something for just about everyone who might be tempted to use one of the company’s cards. As long as you pay on time and understand the terms, these cards can be very useful.