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We’ve listed and compared all the mortgage deals currently available from Accord Mortgages. Here you can view the full range of mortgage products on offer from fixed rate, variable rate and buy to let products. Simply use the filters to change the results shown.


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About Accord Mortgages

Accord Mortgages are dedicated to lending only through intermediaries (brokers). We are a subsidiary of Yorkshire Building Society and we are extremely successful in what we do. The one thing that we understand above anything else, is that you want to do the best by your clients. We want you to know that we value your clients as much as you do and we are as passionate about helping you to go the extra mile for them as you are. Accord Mortgages aims to do everything possible to strengthen the relationship that you have with your clients by making you look good in front of them.

We want you to be able to offer your clients the best rate mortgage possible and we do it in a way that makes things less stressful for everyone involved. Accord Mortgages are all about ensuring that you get what you need for your clients in a timely manner.

Products & Features

Accord Mortgages offers products to customers in two ways; residential mortgage products and buy to let products. Here are some of the products that Accord Mortgages can offer your clients, both new to us and existing to you.

  • First time buyers. We know that buying their first home can be complex, but with us backing you, you can make the process as smooth as possible. We can help you to support your first time buyer, clients by offering a range of in house purchase products. We have incentives such as up to £750 cashback on completion, free standard valuations, no product fees on selected deals. We also offer up to 85% LTV for new build houses and flats.
  • Offset mortgage deals. We can help your clients to save money on repayments whether now or in the future and we can also shorten the mortgage term. Offset options work in a very simple way. By having the money in an offset savings account, the interest on the mortgage is reduced.
  • Home movers. We offer a range of products that can help to get your clients moving in the right direction. Accord Mortgages offer fixed, tracker and offset mortgage deals with between 65-95% loan to value. Our terms can range from 3-5 years.
  • Remortgages. Saving money is so important when looking to remortgage, and Accord Mortgages can offer fixed, tracker and offset mortgage deals.
  • Our buy to let range of products can help your clients to become the landlord they want to be. We can offer no product fees on selected mortgage deals, with cashback on selected remortgage deals and paid standard valuation.


    Accord Mortgages aims to make giving your clients a mortgage that suits them in the easiest possible way. If you want to show your clients that you are working in an efficient and simple way, Accord Mortgages are there for you.