Borrow Against Your Luxury Watch

If you need a quick loan secured against your luxury watch then our asset loan experts can help. We can value and assess your watches valuation and arrange a loan against it the very same day. No employment, income or credit checks are required.


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Loans secured against luxury watches

Emergency loans can be needed for a range of reasons, and it can be hard to find the money you need immediately. Bank loans can take forever, and will probably not even be processed before you have to pay the money. Payday loans can be fast, but many people are worried about taking out these kinds of loans, concerned that they may have to pay too high an interest rate on the loan. If you need a loan desperately and can’t find another solution, then one answer may be to try a personal asset loan, where you use household items, cars or even fine wines as security against the loan. One particularly popular item offered as loans are luxury brand watches.

Using watches as security

Using your watches as personal assets to be pledged against a loan can be the perfect way to get the money you need. Estimates suggest that there has been a more than 110% rise in the value of loans secured against watches, and more lenders are also accepting watches as part of the collateral on a loan. You can use any type of watch as a personal asset pledge, from more basic digital to more complex ‘self winding’ watches. The value of the loan you get for these items will depend on the total value of the watch.

Can I pledge my watch?

Many people seeking collateral loans do not realise the value of the watches in their possession. There are some really valuable items, including heirlooms, timepieces and even pocket watches that have a high sale value. Some watches are even made from gold or silver, and these are the types that are now the most value, since the price of valuable metals such as gold has increased over recent years.

If you want to work out whether it is worth securing your watch as part of a loan, then you need to assess its worth. A good place to start researching the value is online. There are many watch collectors who will be able to tell you the value of the watch, or you may find local auction sites offering similar watches for sale. Although these won’t give you a totally accurate price for your watch, they will help you to guess how much the watch might be worth and give you an idea of the likely loan amount you may achieve. You can also talk to an asset lending company company before you send your watches to them, to get an idea of how much they might offer for your items.

Raising a loan on a watch

If you have decided to pledge your watch, or a set of watches, in order to raise a loan, then you should be aware that the total loan will only be a percentage of the value of the total amount of security. Your watch or watches will be assessed by the company, and they will give you a loan which you think you can repay, and which they consider to be a reasonable percentage of the amount pledged.

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