Borrow Against Your Jewellery

If you need a loan against your jewellery or other valuable personal items then our asset loan experts can help. Your items can be quickly assessed and valued and a loan made against your jewellery quickly with no credit check or employment status requirement or checks.


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Things you should know about loans secured against jewellery

loans secured against jewellery

Loans secured against jewellery

Securing a loan against personal assets requires that you are able to submit items to the lender that are worth more than the sum that you need. If you are looking around your home for items to pledge against the value of a loan, then a good source of valuable items might be jewellery. Most families will be surprised at how much money their heirloom jewellery is worth, from diamond rings to Victorian necklaces, there are many items in a jewel box that can cover the cost of your loan.

Get a personal asset loan even with bad credit

Poor credit history

Poor credit history?

When you are refused a loan by a bank or building society, you may will get a negative mark against your credit. This means that you will struggle to get loans in the future, and may even find that you are unable to get other forms of credit such as bank cards. If you are in this situation and need to get a loan quickly, then your options can be limited. However, with a personal asset loan, you can get the money you need for a short-term loan, and may also improve your credit rating if you can pay back the loan on time. All you need are a number of valuable items such as a gold ring, or a gemstone bracelet, and you should be able to raise enough money to cover your emergency funding requirement.

Assessing your jewellery

Before you make any kind of pledge to the lender, you need to be able to calculate whether the jewellery you have will be sufficient to raise the loan. There are several ways in which you can value your jewellery and find out how much you will need to pledge in order to raise the loan. Firstly, you could take the jewellery to the lenders, and ask them to have it valued. Most personal asset lending companies have links with auctioneers and valuers, and therefore are able to offer you a reasonable assessment. You may also choose to take your jewellery to an independent auction house, and have the items assessed prior to your pledge. This can be helpful, as it will give you a good idea of how much you will get for your items, or how much of your jewellery you will have to pledge in order to receive the loan you need.

Taking out loans with jewellery

Using your jewellery as collateral for a loan can have its risks, along with any other kind of loan. If you fail to repay the sum you have borrowed, then the items you have put down as collateral will be taken and sold to repay the debt your owe. This means that you can lose the jewellery items you have secured against the loan if you are not careful.

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