Borrow Against Your Gold

If you require a loan secured against your gold or gold jewellery then our asset loan experts can help. Money can be borrowed quickly against 9ct 14ct, 18ct and 22ct gold. Your gold items can be quickly assessed and valued and a loan issued very quickly. There are no credit or employment income checks required.


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The basic facts about loans secured against gold

Quick loans secured against gold

Quick loans secured against gold

Want to obtain a short-term loan using personal assets as collateral? Gold is one of the best ways to get a loan in this way, as it is currently increasing in market value. This means that items containing gold are now more valuable than ever before, and this gives the lenders an incentive to offer you a loan in return for a pledge of gold. As the market value of gold has increased, so more than more people are tempted to pledge their gold for a short-term loan of a percentage of its value.

What types of gold can be pledged?

If you are interested in pawning some of your possessions as collateral for a loan, then you will need to know what types of gold are acceptable. Generally, everyday items such as gold jewellery, ornaments and coins may be used, but this is not the limit of the objects accepted. Some lenders may accept gold bars, certificates and tablets as collateral for a loan. The value of the assets will depend very much on the amount of gold in the pieces. The majority of gold items are not 100% gold, and this means that the amount of money your receive as your loan may be much lower than the total value of the gold items.

What is the benefit of borrowing against gold?

Raise cash against your gold items

Raise cash against your gold items

There are several benefits to borrowing against gold possessions. Firstly, gold is a valued commodity around the world, and that means that gold items produced in one country are just as valuable when being used as a loan in another. Secondly, since most gold items are relatively moveable, the lender can store the items securely for you, with some offering delivery bags which allow you to send your items securely to the company offices. Thirdly, retaining your gold as personal assets for a loan, rather than selling them in a ‘cash for gold’ deal, means that you get real value for the money you get, and you retain possession of items which may be family heirlooms.

You may also be able to benefit from borrowing money against your gold assets in another way, since these gold items are more likely to raise cash than other types of assets, such as antiques or watches. Since gold has an intrinsic value over and above its role as jewellery or even as a gold bar, this means that the total value is more likely to benefit you. Rather than having to sacrifice a lot of items to secure the loan, by using gold jewellery, coins or ornaments you are more likely to realise the loan that you need in exchange for less collateral.

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