Secure A Loan Against Your Art

If you would like to borrow money against your art then our asset loan experts can help. Our experts will assess and value or items and loans can be arranged very quickly with no credit checks required. Your art is then professionally secured and stored until your loan is repaid in full.


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Information about loans secured against fine art

Apply for a loan secured against your art

Apply for a loan secured against your art

Are you looking for a short term loan that doesn’t involve the high interest rates of payday lending? You may not know that there is an opportunity to borrow money against collateral for short periods of time. Lenders are able to assess the worth of an item, and allow you to borrow money against a percentage of the item’s value. If you only need a small loan, then you may be able to get a loan through jewellery or similar items, but if you need something more substantial, then you may benefit more from putting up your fine art and antiques as collateral. These items can be worth thousands, and so you are likely to get a bigger sum of money as a loan.

How collateral loans work

Putting up items of value as a pledge for a sum of money is a traditional method of getting a quick cash payment. For many years, pawnbrokers served this purpose, but the world has now moved onto the internet, and there are personal asset lenders there who can offer you a similar service, but are more likely to have lower interest rates and more reasonable terms, as they are able to offer you money without having to buy a business premises or pay fees for their offices. Personal asset lenders are now able to take pledges on a wide range of items, from cars to fine arts and antiques.

Fine art and personal asset loans

Raise cash against your art collection

Raise cash against your art collection

Fine art is something which holds its value well, and this means that lending companies are more willing to accept an investment in these terms. Some lenders actually favour fine arts, since they are an easily valued item which often has a high sale prices. Lenders may decide to structure the loan in a number of ways, including offering sums on a single work of art, or on a whole series of pieces of art. These works can be valued individually, or as part of a set, in order to work out the value of the pledge.

Fine art and its use in collateral loans is increasing in popularity in the UK. The lenders will often inspect the art, and have it assessed to ensure that the borrower is the legitimate owner of the work, and also that they have sole ownership. Chains of titles can be difficult to complete, but the lender may be flexible where the artwork has been in the family for a long period, or where it can be proven that the artwork was sold by a well-known auction house. The lender will have the work authenticated, valued, and the title established, and the borrower will then receive part of the value of the work as a loan.

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