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We have displayed our panel of direct payday, short term and instalment loan lenders who borrow smaller amounts of money to people over the short term to medium term. There are no brokers in this panel so you can quickly see and compare direct lenders and payday loan companies direct. Simply click through the lenders website to apply online.


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Get payday loans direct from the lender, no brokers needed

Loans arranged direct with the lender

Loans arranged direct with the lender

Want to borrow money from a payday lender but don’t know where to start? If you perform an internet search for payday loans companies, you may think that you are seeing people who are ready to offer you money in exchange for repayment at a high interest rate. This is the standard payday loan policy, and all of these websites offer essentially the same thing. However, not everything is as it seems. With some of these websites, you may not be dealing with a payday lender at all, but instead with a broker, someone who stands between the direct lender and the borrower, and takes a cut of the fees in order to profit from the trade.

What is a payday loan broker?

Brokers offering payday loans do so through websites, which often do not tell their customers that they are brokering a deal between the borrower and the lender. They are able to charge fees for the ‘research’ into the loan, so even if they are not successful, they can still charge the borrower their fees, which might add up to £100. If they do find a lender, they are likely to add extra charges to this, and customers can end up paying £100-£200 every time they use the broker’s services. It can be hard to tell what companies are brokers, and which are direct lenders unless you perform a clear search for no brokers, but even then, borrowers can be fooled.

Why not use a broker? Don’t they help to arrange financial matters?

Loan brokers act between yourself and the lenders

Loan brokers act between yourself and the lenders

For the most part, financial brokers are completely honest, and are able to help their customers to find lenders for a range of different loans, including personal loans, mortgages and guarantor loans. However, some brokers have been charging outrageous amounts, and the financial ombudsman reported recently that two thirds of all complainants about payday loans brokers had been treated unfairly, and that they didn’t realise that they were dealing with a middleman. In many cases, no loan appeared, but the brokers continued to take fees from the borrower’s bank account, sometimes amounting to more than £700 in extreme cases. This is why borrowers are starting to shy away from using brokers when they want a payday loan and prefered to go direct to the lender.

How do I get a payday loan without broker’s fees?

If you want a payday loan, then the best solution to your needs is to go to a direct lender. These companies deal directly with you, and there is no third party involved. You pay them your handling fees, and any other charges they want, and they allow you to take out the loan that you need. You can find several payday lenders by researching direct loans through the internet, or by using a comparison website to find details of how these lenders can help you to find the money you need without the use of a broker or intermediary. These lenders will deal with you, and only you, when you are working out your borrowing arrangement.

What do I get with direct payday loans?

Short term cash loans

Short term cash loans

With direct lenders, you can expect a number of benefits. These include an improved customer service, since you won’t be dealing with someone who is only interested in their fees. You can also look out for yourself, rather than simply promoting the company charging the highest rates. In addition, by using a direct lender, you are helping to keep your personal details between yourself and the company. With no third parties involved, there is less risk of your security being breeched. You may also find that you get a faster decision if you choose to go with a direct lender, since you don’t have to talk through the intermediary. The loan could also be tailored to you directly, meaning less time spent performing credit searches, getting lower interest charges and higher loans from the start of your relationship with the lender.

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