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3 Month Loans

If you need a cash loan over 3 monthly installments then we can help. We have selected from our panel all the lenders who provide short term cash loans for 3 months or within a flexible time period to suit you. Click through to apply direct with the lender below.

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Loan Amount
£100 - £1,000

Representative APR

Loan Term
1 - 12 Months

Loan Type
Installment Loan

Homeowners & Tenants

Quick Quid's short-term loans are designed to help you manage unexpected expenses between paydays. New applicants can apply for a loan for up to £1000.

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What are my loan options?

Installment loan over 3 months

Installment loan over 3 months

Do you need to borrow money for an emergency? If you don't want to take out a loan for very long, but are reluctant to use a very-short-term loan, then you may still benefit from a new kind of payday loan that allows you to borrow money for up to three months before you repay. Unlike the basic payday loan which restricts you to repayments within the first month, these new loans are available to the borrower for one quarter of the year. This makes them the perfect loans for borrowers who need cash quickly.

How 3 month loans work

With a 3 month loan, you get your repayments spread over the entire period of the three months, rather than having to pay in four weeks or less. This can be better for borrowers who need a lot of money, such as £500 or even £1000, but are not in a position to earn that much from their jobs. In addition to this advantage, you can get the money much faster than a bank loan or a guarantor loan. More often than not you simply have to show that you can earn enough money each month to pay the bills and the company may be able to send you the money overnight, so that you get it within 24 hours of applying for the loan. You then simply repay the sums required each month and clear off the debt at the end of the time period.

How is a 3 month loan different from the standard payday loan?

The majority of payday loans are very short-term loans, with the debt being repaid at the end of the first month. Interest rates and fees can double the debt overnight if there is any delay in payment, and the company may start proceedings against you very quickly when you fail to pay. With a payday loan spread over three months, you can have the benefits of a fast and easy payday loan, with some of the advantages of a longer-term loan. Having three months to pay your bills can be the answer if you need help with money quickly, but might not have the cash to pay back all of the money at once. You have longer to pay, and this means that you have more opportunities to get the money you need for the debt.

Although the three month loan can be very different to the single month payday loan, there are similarities which most customers use to benefit from borrowing in this way. The lack of credit checks means that even people with bad credit can still get these loans, and they can also improve their credit rating with positive reports from the lender about the repayments.


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