Logbook Loans For Older Cars

Our experts choice of logbook lender below can quickly arrange a loan secured against your vechicle. Loans can quickly be provided against cars, bikes, vans and commercial vehicles.



Which lenders off logbook loans on older vehicles?

There is a large choice of lenders to choose from many of whom you can apply to online. Our panel consists of Car Cash Point, Autoadvance, Varooma, Ramsdensforcash, v5lenders, Mobile Money, v5 solutions, Auto Money, Easy Logbook Loans, Loans2go.

I am a retired pensioner can I get a logbook loan?

Yes. Logbook loans are available for pensioners over 65, 70 and those who have retired. You will however need to demonstrate to the lender that you are able to afford the repayments and have income that meets their requirements.

My car is 12 years old can I still apply?

Yes. However this also depends on the value of your car, its make and model. Applying is quick and easy so we would suggest you make an enquiry to find out.

What ID or documents do I need to provide?

Most lenders will require the following basic information:
- Logbook in your name
- Certificate of insurance
- MOT Certificate, if applicable
- Photographic proof of identity - passport or driving licence.
- Proof of residence - utility bill.
- Proof of income - 3 months pay slips or bank statements.

Can I get a logbook loan without a credit check?

Yes. There are a selection of lenders who will provide loans without a formal credit check. They will however make assessments and checks to ensure you can meet the repayments of the loan.

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