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Motorbike Logbook Loans

Do you want a loan against your motorbike? If so then our approved lender can help. They can issue you with a logbook loan against the value of your bike. Simply click on the lender below and apply on line for a quick decision.

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Loan Amount
£800 - £5,000

Representative APR

Loan Term
1 - 3 years

Loan Type
Logbook Loan

Homeowners & Tenants

lf you own your own car, van, motorbike or caravan, you can obtain a loan quickly and easily. A logbook loan is a fast way of obtaining a loan secured against your vehicle (car, van, motorbike or caravan). When the loan is repaid Easy Logbook Loans will return your V5.

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Made contact quickly and easy application process with Easy Logbook Loans.

Where can I get a motorbike logbook loan from?

Logbook loans for motorbikes and motorcycles

You’ll be pleased to know that most logbook lenders will lend against a motorbike or motorcycle if it meets there minimum valuation and age requirements. Simply request a quote from our direct logbook lenders above to get an online loan quote within just a few minutes.



What is the mimimum valuation required to secured a loan on my bike?

This will very much depend on the lender. Each lender will have their own requirements as to the age and value requirements of your motorbike. The more valuable your bike then the more this offers security against the loan to the lender.

How much can I borrow against my motorbike?

The loan amount will depend on the value of your motorbike (the security) and your earnings and ability to successfully repay the loan repayments. Contact your chosen lender directly for a personal quote.

Can I still use my motorbike while a loan is secured on it?

Yes, you can continue to use and enjoy your motorbike as normal. The lender will simply hold your V5 document and will return this back to you when the loan has been successfully repaid.

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