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Income Protection That Covers Accidents

Income Protection that covers you for accidents is a useful tool to have in place. If you cannot work due to an accident, unemployment or ill health this would result in a loss of earnings. However, if you have income protection this would protect you and your earnings.

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Lifes Great

Income & Life Protection

Income Protection

Lifes Great is an online financial advisor that can quickly find you the best income protection quote from a wide range of provides in the market place. Simply get a quote for a personal illustration.

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Aviva Income Protection

Income & Life Protection

Income Protection

When unexpected things happens, we know that what matters is having peace of mind from a policy you can trust. Aviva's Income Protection cover is very straightforward, simple to arrange and is individual to you and your families needs.

About Income Protection That Covers Accidents

This policy is designed to support you financially and this will subsidise part of your salary should you become unable to work. If you are unable to work due to an accident the policy would provide you with a payout, which will continue until you are either able to return to work, you retire, the policy expires or you pass away.

Protect your income if you have an accident

Protect your income if you have an accident

With income protection insurance a claim can be made as many times as needed by the policy holder providing the claim is valid- so why not consider Income Protection Insurance today?

How Does It Work?

By choosing to have an income Protection policy should you lose your job or unfortunately find yourself unfit to work you will be covered. The agreed sum of money would be released to you once the waiting period known as the deferred period has come to an end. The amount you pay is determined by the length of the deferred period. However, you can make multiple claims meaning that you are always covered.

The Features

There are many features that come with income protection that cover accidents, and the main ones are:

  • The policy pays a tax free sum to the policy holder once a valid claim has been submitted
  • You and your earnings are protected if you are unable to work
  • A claim can be made as many times as required (unlimited claims)
  • There are a number of policies available to suit your needs, such as- Re-viewable policies, guaranteed policies and age related policies.
  • The policy holder will also be covered for periods of unemployment or sickness

What Are The Benefits?

Income Protection that covers you for accidents comes with a wide range of benefits, and the main ones are:

  • You the policy holder can submit a claim as many times as you require
  • A number of policies are available to ensure you have the right protection to suit your every need
  • A policy that provides you with financial support if you become unable to work
  • The money released comes as a tax free benefit and is paid regularly
  • Have total belief in the policy you have as this will continue for as long as you pay your premiums. The fact that you are covered for the period you require will give you confidence in the policy


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