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Professional Indemnity Insurance For Freelancers

Having professional indemnity insurance for freelancers will ensure that you are protected financially and it is designed to cover the cost of defending all claims made against you, even those claims that require you to pay compensation.

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Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Hiscox PI insurance is designed to protect anyone who could face claims and risks associated with such things as negligence, breach of contract, defamation. Cover is available for all business types including sole traders, partnerships and companies.

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Simply Business

Small business insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Simply Business is an insurance broker that specialises in helping small businesses get the professional indemnity cover they need to protect their business. Get a quote for a personal illustration.

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Freelancers

If you are a freelancer then you will consistently offer your services and advice to clients but an unexpected event could arise that could result in financial problems for your business. As part of your service you will carry out work for clients who expect a certain standard but there is every possibility that problems can occur that can lead to your clients losing out financially. This could be caused through negligence, error or omissions on your part but however you look at it a client could still claim for damages.

A claim made against you could cost you thousands and it could end up with your business closing down simply because you do not have the finances available to you.

PI Insurance For Freelancers

PI Insurance For Freelancers

We can help you to put a comprehensive policy in place that is built around your needs and it takes no time at all. All we do is ask you about how you work and the risks involved and this enables us to offer you cover at a price that will not be beaten.

How does it work?

As a freelancer, you would have worked hard to build your business and build a client base but a simple error and a claim made against you can result in you losing it all, this is why this cover is so important to your business. Professional indemnity insurance works on a “Claims Made” basis which means that you are covered for any claims made against work carried out during the duration of the policy cover even if the policy has expired. It helps to protect your finances because when a client makes a claim against you, defence costs can spiral out of control. This policy will work by assessing any claims, even those that do not have a huge amount of credibility and it will then work by covering those costs involved such as paying compensation. This cover can offer you real peace of mind because you can be sure that your business finances are safe even if the worst happened.

The features

This policy has the following features

  • Instant and comprehensive cover, ensuring that your business has the protection it needs
  • Claims are assessed thoroughly before any payments are released to ensure their credibility
  • The policy will remain in place for one year and can be renewed
  • The policy will become a crucial part of your business because it offers complete protection
  • Any claims made against you will be handled by a dedicated team, leaving you free to concentrate on your business
  • If a claim is made after the cover has expired that relates to work carried out during the period the cover was in place you will still be covered
  • The insurance is tailored to suit your need and budget
  • Indemnity is set at varying amounts depending on your needs
  • Covered for the loss of any documents
  • Court attendance costs are covered with this policy
  • Payment options to suit your requirements

What are the benefits?

Your business will experience the following benefits:

  • Complete peace of mind because you will meet any legal requirements and regulatory expectations
  • Your finances will be protected
  • All costs are covered such as defence costs and paying compensation
  • Advice and guidance is available as well as representation
  • You can relax and concentrate on running your business because the policy will cover all claims made against you
  • Your business will look more credible and trustworthy with this cover in place
  • The policy is kept simple so you can understand exactly what is covered and how it works


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