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Professional Indemnity Insurance For Contractors

Having professional indemnity insurance for contractors will ensure that you are covered should the worst happen but it will also show your clients that you take your job extremely seriously. Our insurance experts can ensure you’re fully protected.

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Simply Business

Small business insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Simply Business is an insurance broker that specialises in helping small businesses get the professional indemnity cover they need to protect their business. Get a quote for a personal illustration.

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Business Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Hiscox PI insurance is designed to protect anyone who could face claims and risks associated with such things as negligence, breach of contract, defamation. Cover is available for all business types including sole traders, partnerships and companies.

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Contractors

Working as a contractor will require you to offer your professional advice as well as services that your clients rely on. This means that you will work with your client’s best interest in mind acting professionally and using a high level of care and skill to ensure that you carry out your work efficiently and to a high standard.

However, even when you take the utmost care it is possible for you to make a mistake which can lead to your client experiencing financial losses or they could make allegations that you have made an error even if you haven’t. Even though disputes such as this are rare, they do happen which means that high costs are involved.

PI Insurance For Contractors

PI Insurance For Contractors

Having professional indemnity insurance for contractor will ensure that you are covered should the worst happen but it will also show your clients that you take your job extremely seriously. The cover we can find you will ensure that you are able to defend any claims whilst also being able to cover any compensation costs without it affecting the general day-to-day running of your business. This cover will offer you complete protection should a client claim losses as a result of negligence or error.

We will consider your requirements and ask questions that will enable us to find the right cover at a price that suits you. This protection is crucial to your business because without it your hard work could be wasted.

How does it work?

This form of insurance is important for contractors because ensuring that your business is protected should a claim be made against it will help to protect your finances and your reputation. Unlike other forms of insurance this is slightly different because it works on a “Claims Made” basis which means that if a client makes an allegation after the cover has expired regarding work that was carried out during the life of the policy you will still be protected. Any claim will be assessed to understand its legitimacy and any costs incurred relating to defence or compensation will be covered. This cover will give you the protection you need should you make an errors during a job or act in a negligent way. This cover will protect your business and its finances with one simple policy.

The features

There are a number of feature that come with this cover:

  • Your business will be protected as soon as cover is put in place and it will help to protect your finances and reputation
  • All claims made against you are checked thoroughly before any payment is made
  • This policy contains everything that your business needs in the present and in the future should a claim be made
  • Your business will quickly feel a lot more protected making it an important part of the day-to-day running
  • This cover will give you confidence because the cost related to defending all claims will be covered
  • The policy is created on a “Claims Made” basis which means that any work carried out during the policy term will be covered
  • Different amounts of indemnity available depending on your circumstances
  • Should you lose important documents any costs linked to this will be covered
  • Court attendance costs are covered up to a total amount as agreed in the policy
  • Payment options to suit you

What are the benefits?

The following benefits are associated with this cover:

  • You will be meeting all regulatory and legal expectations
  • This policy will give you complete peace of mind
  • You will be able to cover any compensation costs that have been awarded to a client by the courts or an arbitrator
  • Even if the claim made against you is not completely watertight, your defence costs will still be covered
  • Advice and representation is available should you need it
  • Your business will be able to continue operating as normal even if a claim is on-going
  • Your clients will see your business as trustworthy and professional giving tenders more credibility


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