How To Plan A Holiday Of A Lifetime

Jane Wardle

Written by Jane Wardle on January 30, 2019

Updated June 3, 2019


Getting around the world nowadays is easier than it has ever been, and many of us jet off on holiday every year to get a break away from our everyday lives. Going away for a week or two to a sunny destination and lying on a beach is all well and good, but the chances are this isn’t the makings of a holiday of a lifetime.

A holiday of a lifetime is a whole different ball game, and for many, it means an exciting adventure about making your dreams come true. Planning a once in a lifetime trip is completely different to planning another holiday, as the chances are the stakes will be much higher. You will be visiting places that have been on your bucket list for years and making incredible memories that you will never forget, and this takes some serious planning.

Trying to plan the holiday of a lifetime can be a daunting prospect, and even knowing where and how to start can be challenging. This guide shares tips on how to plan a holiday of a lifetime and have a trip that really is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Pick your destination

The chances are you already have an idea of the location you want to travel to. Perhaps it is somewhere you have always dreamed of visiting, or something you want to experience that you have only ever seen on TV. Whether it is diving in the Great Barrier Reef, walking on the Great Wall of China or seeing the Northern Lights, you need to start planning exactly where you want to stay and what else you might want to do.

Research the local area and identify any other destinations in the area that you want to make the most of while you are there. Consult travel brochures, read guidebooks and scour tourist board websites for ideas and inspiration for your trip, and note down all the things you want to see and do while you are there.

Be sure to think about your transportation for while you are away. It is all well and good planning to visit one particular area, but are there good transport links? Consider if you should stay nearby to the main attraction you want to visit or find accommodation further afield and then travel around during your trip.

Set your budget

Set your holiday budget

Before you can begin booking your holiday of a lifetime, you need to set yourself a budget and think about all the various aspects of your trip. It is important to be realistic with your budget and remember to factor in everything from accommodation and travel to dining and spending money.

You can ask a travel agent to give you a quote for your trip, and also look online for prices of accommodation and flights. If you are staying in a hotel, then bear in mind that most hotels will always give you the best price or some kind of perk for booking directly on their website, as opposed to through an online travel agent.

Factor in money for food and drink while you are away and think about if you will be dining out every day or will there be cooking facilities available.

When setting your budget, you should also include costs for visas, vaccinations, additional baggage for your flight, getting to the airport, parking, and travel insurance.

Book your holiday of a lifetime

Once you’ve set a budget and chosen your dream destination, you can start booking your trip. If you are flexible on dates, then shop around for when flights and hotels are cheapest, or if you have fixed dates then look for deals and special offers.

If you are booking through a travel agent, then they can often arrange all the little details such as airport transports and excursions on your behalf, but you should be aware you will be paying more than if you plan these things yourself. Shop around for the best deals on flights, accommodation and your holiday currency and confirm your bookings as soon as you can before the prices change.

As soon as you have booked your trip, you should also purchase your travel insurance, instead of leaving it until the day before you jet off. Getting it early will protect you should anything go wrong with the booking or should you or someone else fall ill before you leave.

Once you are all booked up you can begin to plan the little details, such as creating a check list, so you remember all the essentials. You should also spend time researching the area and choosing things like restaurants you want to try while you are away.

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