How to Find Your Lost Pension Fund

Anthony Burgess (Pension & Investments)

Written by Anthony Burgess (Pension & Investments) on October 10, 2015

Updated June 5, 2019

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Have you lost your pension and have lost track of your pension information? If so, dont worry as our pension tracing experts can quickly find your pension investments with our free pension tracing service.

We’ll be able to quickly tell you what pension investments you have and how much they are worth.

Find your missing pension

How much is your lost pension worth?

It is estimated that in the UK there is over £4 Billion worth of unclaimed pension benefits from millions of people in the UK. Pension information and statements quickly become lost when people move home, emigate to a different country and change jobs they lose track of their pension entitlements in the process.

You’re not alone

It’s not uncommon and thousands of people lose track of their pension and retirement investments every year. We can quickly find any type of pension scheme including both work based pensions and personal pension schemes.

How can I find my lost pension fund?

We’ve made the process really simple. To get started simply complete the form below and our pension experts will quickly find your pension and provide you will all the details and information you need.




Please provide any known information on your lost pension

House No

Street Name




Post code

You agree to be contacted by UK Financial Services to find you lost pension details


Q: I am an expat currently living abroad can you still find my missing pension?
A: Yes, we can find missing pensions for expats and anyone with a UK pension fund who is now living overseas.

Q:How long does it take to find a missing or lost pension?
A: On average it may take few days depending on if you have one or more lost pension funds. We will be able to advise you on time scales and how long it will take depending on the information you provide us with.

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