Experts Choice

What does Experts Choice mean?

We created Experts Choice so that our customers and web visitors could confidently identify and choose a provider when making a decision from many other providers who offer a similar service. It means you know the provider is rated as excellent by Lending Expert.

Why does it matter?

We label some providers here on Lending Expert we the green Experts Choice badge because they are in our expert opinion the top rated providers within their category. This means we’ve taken the decision to rate them very highly on 4 important factors including Trust, Value, Expertise and Customer Service. It matters because it is these factors we have learnt are most important to our vistors and what customers consider when deciding upon a provider online.

We carefully rate and review each provider we list here on the website. We then regularly check and update our reviews and ratings so we are providing the most up to date information and opinion.


A high trust rating tells you that the provider from experience will deliver on their service as promised and can be trusted. It means they have a proven business track record and a history of happy customers.


A high value rating tells you that you will receive a service or product at a fair price or rate. This means if offers good value for money in comparison to it’s competitors and other providers within it’s category.


A high expertise rating means that you are dealing with an experienced and competent organisation that has displayed good management. It means you can have the confidence that are dealing with people who are well qualified and knowledgable to assist you and provide the product or service you require.


A high customer service rating means the provider has a good reputation and has demonstrated that they provide good customer service and care both online and offline. It also means the provider has excellent reviews and customer comments verified from external sources.

You should know

It is important to note that Lending Expert earns income from referrals made to providers from approximately 1 in 10 of the providers we have listed here on Lending Expert. The income we receive from some providers does not in any way effect the cost or price you pay. Some of these providers listed on the site may also be rated as our Experts Choice and is important to stress that we do not allow this effect our decison or add favour to the provider when we rate and review them.