Prepaid Cards With Rewards

We’ve compared and displayed our range of prepaid cards that come with a range of benefits such as rewards and cash back that come with spending on the card. With these cards every time you spend you get something back. Simply choose a card and click through to apply direct with the card issuer.

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What you need to know about prepaid credit cards with rewards and cash back

Cards that come with rewards for spending

Cards that come with rewards for spending

Looking for a way to use a prepaid credit card in the same way as a traditional credit or debit card? The number of available prepaid cards has bloomed in the last five years, with more and more people choosing to use these cards rather than debit or credit cards. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that prepaid cards can benefit those with a bad credit history, can be used by teenagers and students, and can also help people who want to take more control of their finances. With so many cards available, it can sometimes be hard to tell which of these cards is most suited to your needs, and which ones offer the best rewards. Prepaid cards which offer rewards or cash back can be attractive, particularly as they seem more like traditional credit cards. They can also make all of the negatives of prepaid cards seem worthwhile.

What types of rewards to prepaid cards offer?

There is no organised management of prepaid cards as there are with banks and other lenders, and so the range of rewards and treats offered by the prepaid card owners can be quite varied. You may, for example, be offered rewards in the form of discounts for large companies including Tesco, Boots and Dell, and others. These rewards often mean being directed to a specific site, using your account number as a members' club PIN, and buying rewards using your prepaid card. The card company receive commission for these rewards. Many of the discounts and rewards offered by the card user are very small, smaller than those offered by credit cards, and this can mean that you have to use your card more than you intended in order to get the reward you want. As noted, these types of rewards are only available on certain cards, so if you do want to get discount on your groceries or electronics, it is worth researching the cards before you make your choice.

Do any companies provide cash on your card?

Apply for a pre paid cards that comes with rewards and benefits

Apply for a pre paid cards that comes with rewards and benefits

For the most part, the cash back promises made by companies tend to focus around vouchers for shopping and purchases with associated companies, but there are a few cards, such as Bread, who do offer cash onto the card, as well as vouchers and other forms of rewards. The money which is put into the card is clearly stated on the page linking to online retaillers, and there are a range of shops, from toys and games to finance, home and garden, and sports. These provide an excellent range of options if you plan to buy any item, for example their books department includes Alibris, Audible, or Waterstones, all with a range of cash back offers from 2.5% to 5.5 and higher.

Other reasons to use prepaid cards

Although the rewards and cash back offers are not the most attractive part of the prepaid card, there are other reasons why people choose to take these cards rather than use traditional credit cards. The most common factor is restoring bad credit, or using these cards as an alternative because they can't get credit. However, there are also people who choose to use these cards because they want to limit the amount they spend, or keep tighter control of their budget. Choosing a card which offers shopping rewards might seem counter-intuitive if you are trying to curb your shopping, or prevent spending binges, since these reward systems actively encourage more spending. If you are interested in the rewards and cash back options with prepaid credit cards, then researching these options accurately could help you to choose the right card for you.

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