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Pre-paid cards are popular for a wide range of uses

Pre-paid cards are popular for a wide range of uses

Prepaid credit cards are a modern alternative to the traditional credit card, allowing you to take control of your spending and your debts in a way that other forms of card don’t. You can use them wherever you can use either debit or credit cards, and they can be obtained easily without a credit check.

If you don’t have any other form of card, and want to go shopping on the internet, then these cards can also help you to pay online where other online payment methods are not accepted. These prepaid credit cards come with the additional benefit of being limited to what you put onto the card, so you can spend cautiously, or protect your finances by only allowing a small amount on the card. That way, even if your account is hacked, you will only lose the amount of money held by the card. If you think that a prepaid card might be right for you, then comparing your options might help you to select the right type for your needs.

Selecting the best card for you

The secret to finding the right prepaid card for you is to think carefully about how you intend to use the card, or what you need it for. If you just want to use it for shopping over the internet, then a card with low charges and online fees might be better. You may want one that will allow you to take more control over your spending, or looking for one for a child, such as a student or a teenager, that you would like to use a card but don’t want them to overspend on your credit card, then a card which can’t be piled too high with money might be better. If you have considered these reasons then you can start to look at which types of card might be best for your needs.

The Cashplus range of cards

One of the most popular prepaid cards is Cashplus. These are used by people who want to be able to go online, to buy things in stores, and even to set up Direct Debits or standing order on the account. In the UK, there are free ATM withdrawals, it is free to set up, and the only cost is the £5 fee for the card itself, which may be returned if the card is activated within one month of being set up.

Pre-paid cards are perfect for building your credit rating

Pre-paid cards are perfect for building your credit rating

The Creditbuilder card, which is more expensive, and more exclusive, but it can benefit you if you have poor credit, and need help in rebuilding your credit score. With this card, you pay the set-up fee of £5, and then the company lend you a total of £65 for the year, and then you repay the card company each month, while still using the card as a prepaid model. In one year, you can improve your credit rating significantly, meaning that you can boost your credit status, and start applying for traditional credit cards, and even loans.

The downside is that there is an ATM fee of £2, and it would cost £10 to remove all funds from the card. It can be expensive, but when you have bad credit it can stop you from doing everything, and can put your life on hold while you struggle to correct your credit and get back on your feet. The Creditbuilder card really can help you to do this within a 12-month period, and that may be enough to help you get back on the road to a normal credit rating.

GoHenry prepaid card for teenagers

Designed especially for teenagers and young people, the card allows parents to keep an eye on the card, as well as top it up through a mobile app, and allows free daily cash withdrawals of up to £120. The card also allows parents to set a budget, limit where the card can be used, and monitor spending as it happens. They can also set tasks or chores for their children. There is a monthly fee of £1.97 for each card used, but the restrictions means that parents can exercise more control over their child’s spending than with standard prepaid cards.

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