Are Pre-paid Cards Suitable For Bad Credit Applicants?

One of the questions many people ask is whether prepaid cards are suitable for applicants with bad credit. The truth is that those who’ve had serious financial repercussions before might find it really hard to access personal loans or credit cards and even a current […]

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A Guide To Prepaid Cards For Travelling Abroad

In the recent past, travelling abroad meant carrying money in different ways that exposed you to threats of theft or loss. Not so today with prepaid cards, a new way of enjoying your travel without minding a lot about so many risks. A prepaid card […]

5 Occasions When You Might Use A Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are one of the popular ways of using your money throughout the UK or even abroad for the frequent traveller. They come with their strengths and weaknesses but getting one can definitely pay off in some form or another. Prepaid cards are loved […]

A Guide to Pre-paid Cards – All You Need to Know

In recent years the way we make payments has been revolutionised with more and more people choosing to pay by card rather than with cash than ever before. New technologies such as contactless payments provide a hassle free and super quick way to spend in […]