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Business Insurance For Electricians

If you work as an electrician then you will be fully aware of the risks that you are exposed to on a daily basis but have you ever thought about the risks associated with you customers and their ability to make a claim against you? Our experts can ensure you and your business is adequately protected.

Our insurance experts can compare the market to find you the best deal on business insurance. Get a free quote and advice today:

2 providers expertly compared:


Hiscox Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Type
Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies

Small business and commercial insurance

Rated 4.8/ 5

All credit types

Hiscox commercial business insurance provides a professional level of cover to protect every aspect of your business, from the premises to the people who work for you, and any legal matters that may arise from your day-to-day operations.

2 providers expertly compared:


AXA Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Type
Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies

Small business and commercial insurance

Rated 4.7/ 5

All credit types

AXA business insurance can cover you and your business for every eventuality. Apply online today and save an extra 10% on your quote instantly.

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Rating: 5 / 5 with 1 votes

Recieved quotes as promised.

by Clear Eye Wear Limited

Happy with the process and quotes. Simple to use and back up with a phone call. No pressure to buy, which was reassuring.


Your customers will trust your advice and expertise but this can make you vulnerable. You may offer incorrect advice, act negligently, cause injury to a client or damage their property while working. This could result in customers submitting a claim to recover any losses or to seek compensation for injury. Any claim will prove costly for your business as it will damage your reputation and your finances.

Business insurance is designed to protect your business form any claims submitted against you. You may think that a claim is highly unlikely but your job puts you at risk and an accident or incorrect advice can happen at any time regardless of how much care you take. Defending a claim can prove costly as compensation and defence costs can spiral out of control. Business insurance will cover defence costs, settlements costs and all other associated costs. It will instantly become a crucial tool to your business and that is why it is so important.

Don’t put your business at risk, let business insurance take the strain and costs associated with a claim so you can focus on your business needs. It will give you peace of mind and the financial protection so you know that your business can operate in the way that it should.

Opting to put business insurance in place means that your business is prepared for any claim made against you. Negligence, injury as well as incorrect advice puts you at risk so don’t expose your business to the damage a claim can cause.

Professional indemnity insurance is created specifically for your business and it protects you against any financial losses or injury caused by incorrect advice that you may provide. You could advise a customer that certain wiring is safe when it could cause a fire or you may carry out work that causes damage in the future. This negligence and poor advice can lead to a claim made against you and this can cost you money to defend. Professional indemnity insurance is there for you when you need it.

If your customers become injured as a result of faulty work or you leave your equipment in a dangerous place then they have the right to make a claim. They could fall over loose cabling, they could even get electrocuted or you could cause excessive damage to their walls while drilling. This is where public liability insurance becomes a crucial part of your business. It is there to serve you when you need it and this means that all claims are covered giving your complete peace of mind.

Business insurance will protect you through the following features:

  • Complete cover against all claims
  • Full claim assessment before payment is made
  • Complete financial protection for your business
  • All costs are covered including defence, settlement and court costs
  • Cover that suits your business
  • Inclusive court appearance costs
  • Cover designed to fit your budget

What Are the Benefits?

You will receive the following benefits:

  • Industry regulations and legal requirements will be met
  • Focus on the needs of your business
  • Protects business finances as all costs are covered
  • Professional, helpful advice on hand as well as representation
  • Peace of mind knowing that claims are covered.

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