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Business Insurance For Builders

If you’re a builder or own a building company and are looking for insurance then our experts can help. Cover for your business can be arranged quickly across a wide range of insurance needs including professional indemnity, public and employers liability insurance. Solutions for both sole traders, partnerships and limited companies available.

Our insurance experts can compare the market to find you the best deal on business insurance. Get a free quote and advice today:

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Hiscox Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Type
Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies

Small business and commercial insurance

Rated 4.8/ 5

All credit types

Hiscox commercial business insurance provides a professional level of cover to protect every aspect of your business, from the premises to the people who work for you, and any legal matters that may arise from your day-to-day operations.

2 providers expertly compared:


AXA Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Type
Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies

Small business and commercial insurance

Rated 4.7/ 5

All credit types

AXA business insurance can cover you and your business for every eventuality. Apply online today and save an extra 10% on your quote instantly.

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Running a building business requires you to deal with the building needs of customers and this can cover a whole manner of different projects.

Your clients will expect you to be able to meet all of their needs using your experience and knowledge. Clients will listen to what you have to say and they will more than likely follow your advice but this along with a number of other risks makes you open to claims. If your clients experience financial loss or become injured as a result of your work, negligence or workmanship then they have the right to claim. When you are working to deadlines and have a number of different requirements to meet it is simple to make errors. These errors can prove costly in a number of ways for your clients and so they will look to claim in order to recover losses or receive compensation.

However, to help you deal with these claims, business insurance is available. This will protect your business and help to cover any claims made against you. You are exposed to claims at any given time if a customer dissatisfied with your workmanship, have become injured as a result of negligence or listened to bad advice. Injured clients could lose earnings or they may have to pay to put right any problems and this means they have the right to make a claim. Business insurance will cover all costs and give you complete peace of mind.

Your skills and knowledge allow you to carry out your job to a high standard but unfortunately mistakes can happen. Therefore, business insurance cover is there for your protection.

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to work for the needs of your business. A client can make a claims against you at any time and this could be related to bad advice, negligence or poor workmanship. You could build a wall where the foundations have not been dug deep enough which leads to the customer having to pay to put it right or you could carry out work that was not part of the agreed requirements. These are issues that could result in a claim and could prove expensive to defend if you do not have the right cover in place.

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As a builder you will use heavy machinery and products and all of these pose a risk to the public. Public liability insurance can protect you from any claims made against you for injury caused to your clients or other individuals. This insurance would cover you, if for example, a piece of scaffolding became lose and fell onto someone or if you laid paving slabs that became lose and caused someone to break an ankle. Public liability insurance is there for your business and can help to cover all defence costs and compensations costs.

Business insurance comes with the following features:

  • In-depth cover for all claims
  • All claims are fully evaluated before payment is released
  • Your business will be completely protected
  • Defence costs and settlement costs are included as part of the cover
  • Your business needs are fully understood before selecting cover
  • Costs associated with attending court are included
  • Cover for all budgets

What Are the Benefits?

  • Meet all legal requirements and industry regulations
  • Your time can be spent focussing on your business
  • Financial protection from all costs
  • Professional advice and representation is available
  • Be confident in the decisions you make knowing that you are protected

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